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A Rainy Southern Night

The first meeting of a girl and guy from different social backgrounds, with hints of some prior connection as yet unrevealed. BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Meeting Me In Between

Have you ever been in love with someone so much that you can’t express how you feel or who you are in front of them? The sweaty, sweet, romantic type of love? I guess everyone seeks that love, righ... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Lost and found

My first short story. A poor boy and his emotional life BEGINNE ZU LESEN


A 12 year old Simran went for travel in Manali with her parents. There , Simran befriends with an unknown girl. Then what happens next..... BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Mystic mountain

This is an interesting story about Jasmine's journey out of mystic mountain by solving mysteries and making new friends but also encountering danger on the way BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Horror Story

The Story is full of tanginess and a shortened drama...! BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Horror Story (Hindi Version)

ये कहाणी बहुतही रोमांचक है और लघू नाटक से भरी है | BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Long Live

The final Descendant of god will rise on Earth, and Alba, the girl carrying its spirit, is hunted down as a threat to the Empire. Her only help will be from Hiro, an exiled soldier from a foreign l... BEGINNE ZU LESEN