Inko, Inka, und Katze

Vorstellung Inko, Inka, und Katze

Inko, Inka, and Katze are the official mascots of our Inkspired creative brand. As key members of our team, they not only act as an instrument to make our platform more empathic to our audience, but as a part of our master plan to develop original content across all of our Inkspired products. That includes the planning of a web series.

Welcome to our Design Lab, where you can experience a bit of the design process behind creating our emotional characters. Just one last thing, our beloved Katze the Cat might not be around here this time; he is a bit... special ;-)

Designing: The Characters


Das ist Inko. Introduced in early 2018, Inko was the first character of Inkspired, and designing him was truly a challenge.

Inko went through different stages on the design board as the team wanted to find the right balance between the personification of the brand and flexibility. We wanted to design a character more than a mascot; we wanted a character that not only embodies the spirit of Inkspired, but also someone who could talk to the users without saying a word.

After a full one-month design process, going through different phases, sketches, designs, we finally arrived to the geeky and sleek design we have today.


Das ist Inka. Mind the "a". Introduced in the early 2020s, in the midst of a global change, she made her first appearance with a fresher look, lightning charisma, and full of bright colors. Inka's spirit is the antithesis of Inko's, as we wanted to design a character that can complement him in the way she does storytelling and brings change to settings.

Her care-free attitude, outgoing personality, and her name inspired in South American-aboriginal roots as a game of words turns her into the ideal character to help us move our creative process forward into future projects.


Designing: Belohnungsstufen

Inko Inko

Inkspired's characters were defined by a vectorized style all along. That was until we introduced the Inkspired Rewards Levels where we needed to personify all of them with champions. Here we opted for a different drawing style (albeit it was the same design team) to mark them as special collection items.

We needed to design 5 champions to represent the initial 5 levels you can upgrade on Inkspired depending on the amount of Rewards Credits you get.

Each level represented a challenge not only in terms of design, but also to fit in the storytelling we are developing in the background. Furthermore, each level needed to represent an upgrade to focus on the progress you make as a user of the platform, and be consistent with the storytelling. They also needed to adapt to the personality of Inko and Inka, and fit in the harmony of the brand's colors.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Designing: Day & Night series


On Inkspired we just launched a new section called #StayHome inspired in our current global challenge. This section will run as a digital magazine within Inkspired, covering new exciting reads, recommendations, writing challenges, and all news around the platform and its purpose.

One of the most promising projects we have for this section is to announce the launch of a series of visual stories using our distinctive brand characters of Inko, Inka and Katze. Our story's protagonists will be immersed in different creative adventures that you can only find in creative stories and books.

The series will not only feature our beloved characters, but will introduce many more elements that will be hinted across the platform every now and then.

Compatible with the true nature of Inkspired, the story will run as a series developed chapter by chapter, and will be exclusive to our platform, as part of the new Inkspired Originals program.

While there is still no official release date for the Day & Night series, you can stay tuned to this page as it may be announced at any time. It might be sooner than expected.

Day & Night
Day & Night

Join the project

As we look to start creative projects around these characters in our platform, we are seeking the help of talented artists and illustrators willing to join us in this new visual storytelling adventure. Are you interested in becoming part of the team? Please connect with us at: [email protected].