Unwell (In English)

Beautiful and fun story of love and humor. Officially the first of a group of RLBM by Rodz music stories inspired by the world's greatest songs and music artists. Inspired by the song Unwell by alternative rock band Matchbox Twenty. Tribute to the guitarist, Kyle Cook.
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IMAGITOPIA: The new and edited version

A journey to another world. With Sophia the mc and Alex her friend. Can Sophia save Imagitopia from the danger which has came? Will Sophia and Alex complete there magical adventure? Will Sophia know the truth behind her life? Join Sophia and Alex on there journey to Imagitopia the world of Imagination, love and friends.
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The future-earth

A funny short story
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The Time Seeker

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The story revolves around the teenager of about 23 years who have lost his mother in tragic accident but recently with the new clues provided by the police investigation he came to know that it was pre planned murder . Now being a son of very famous physicist he decided to bring back his mother no matter the cost while investigating the situatio...
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Guardians of the Cosmos

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Once upon a time in New York, the city of dreams, an invincible villain was on a roar. Where are those missing New Yorkers? Another dimension or in the future? Who has the key to all these questions? Read all the upcoming episodes of the “Guardians of the Cosmos” to raise the curtain from these mysterious questions. Will three superheroes be abl...
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The Warlock and the Vampire (inglés/English)

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Meg is a girl, but not just any girl, she's a vampire girl. She lives like any human just so they don't find out. But just knowing a guy's life is a 180-degree turn, but this guy's not just any common guy, he's a sorcerer. called Oriel. Oriel is a sorcerer boy to be more specific is a conjurer he lives like any human lives alone so they don't fi...
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Reincarnated to be a Villainess

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Diana had lived her life only for her father, but when the only reason for her to live had died, she run out of excuses to live, so when death was at her chambers, she accepted it, but as she thought she could finally rest, she was wrong, she woke up in an unfamiliar place, unfamiliar world, that she became the villainess. Will she lived her li...
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