Don Juan und der verlorene Besitz

(Ankündigung des eBook) Don Juan...der Herzensbrecher...war eigentlich ein ganz normaler Chirurg namens Doktor Selvin Quentin in einem Klinikum in Friedrichshafen am Bodensee. Doch er hatte ganz "eigenwürdige Interessen" nämlich jungen Frauen den Verstand zu nehmen und das Herz zu brechen. Eine davon war Stella, die Schwester von Leoni Jensen. Al…
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Time Traveler

Der zwölf-jährige Junge Tony Buff findet eine Uhr in den Wäldern. Und aus einem Versehen sagte er den Spruch, der ihn das Zeitreisen ermöglichte. Während er schläft, landet er im alten London. Offenbar in der Zeit des berühmten Jack The Ripper. Er will sich Jack The Ripper entgegenstellen und verhindern, dass er die letzte Frau ermordet, die er er…
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The Transcendent Love

Quark found himself at some place which was recognizable as well different at the same time. Now while being stuck between these people to whom he doesn't know. Quark have to comprehend the situation at hand while try to work his way back home.
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Tiny Doll-size Husband Second Edition Series

My beloved husband Dave reduces into tiny doll-size while he had unknown disease miniature size then he zapped into Super steel tiny doll-size man by my wacky old pal Drakken’s radioactive ray gives him some superpower abilities on Second comedy-adventure TV show series.
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Die verschollene Lady

Die verschwundene Lady ist Kathleen von Dornenroth. Im Dorf Dornenroth trachtet man der jungen Frau nach dem Leben. Kathleen findet am Fluss unter einem Stein eine Flasche. Als sie sie öffnet verschwindet sie spurlos in eine neue Welt. Nämlich 2020 wo Corona und der Lockdown im vollen Gange ist und sie lernt Ben Oliver Cool kennen. Doch will diese…
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An Essence Of Time.

In a time where there is no technology, the people that dwell within the Sterling settlement walls must go out to find resources they need to revolutionise their place, helping one another, along with epic battles with the different creatures that inhabit the earth. The Sterling settlement protectors meet Outsiders, gaining elements to keep the wo…
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Gifted Hands

You would think creating a time machine could be so much fun; unfortunately, this one isn’t; bringing back extinct creatures for a reason, because their only mission is to cause destruction. It is up to Max that gets blessed with power; you could say the fate of life as we know it rests in the palms of a guy that believes he has nothing to live fo…
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Unwell (In English)

Beautiful and fun story of love and humor. Officially the first of a group of RLBM by Rodz music stories inspired by the world's greatest songs and music artists. Inspired by the song Unwell by alternative rock band Matchbox Twenty. Tribute to the guitarist, Kyle Cook.
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The future-earth

A funny short story
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IMAGITOPIA: The new and edited version

A journey to another world. With Sophia the mc and Alex her friend. Can Sophia save Imagitopia from the danger which has came? Will Sophia and Alex complete there magical adventure? Will Sophia know the truth behind her life? Join Sophia and Alex on there journey to Imagitopia the world of Imagination, love and friends.
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Techberry Review: The Ultimate Platform for Smart Traders

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Techberry is a cutting-edge trading platform that combines advanced AI technology with user-friendly features to revolutionize the trading experience. With over 10,000 seasoned investors contributing to its data-driven strategies, Techberry offers unparalleled insights and opportunities in today's fast-paced financial markets. From simplified Bitc…
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Bell Hop

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The Bell Hop is about a shape shifter who travels in a hotel slash spaceship, bout. The Hotel has its own mind and can travel where ever it wants to go whether through space, time alternate reality and places on planets. It seamlessly camouflages with its surroundings. It only reverses its self to magical creatures like mermaids, shapeshifters, ti…
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Shikhara's naked mishap: The sorceries power Chp2

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Shikhara after breaking Mrs. Jenkins crystal ball, she has been put in a time portal naked after experiencing her clothes discarding off of her body as she came in the portal. While Shikhara was in the time portal naked, Nola and her father drove down in the city of Miami Florida and saw the vehicles and people in general have stood still as not a…
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Navigating Personal Injury Claims: The Charlotte, NC Lawyer Advantage

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Personal injury cases can be intricate, with legal nuances that may seem daunting. That's where a trusted personal injury lawyer can step in to lend a helping hand.
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Shikhara's naked Mishap: The curse of the sorceress

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A young 18-year-old schoolgirl by the name of Shikhara Henson that goes to an all-girl's school, visited a Jamaican psychic name Marjorie Jenkins aka Mrs. Jenkin with both her friends Sara and Jody after she was recommended by Jody. The Jamaican Psychic was able to predict what will happen to Shikhara the next day as it ends up with Shikhara naked…
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Advanced Distribution Management System
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Best Apps To Learn Javascript

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Whether you're a beginner looking to get started or an experienced developer aiming to refine your expertise, investing time in these apps will undoubtedly propel your JavaScript journey to new heights.
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The Adventures' of The Vampire Queen & Wolfboy

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Diana Fangwood has never been like other people, because she is a vampire, The Vampire Queen, as a matter of fact; & when she meets a strange boy, she is brought back in time, in The Spirit World, to The Ancient Egyptian Period; where she meets a series' of gods', goddesses', magical creatures', & possibly the love of her life; when it comes to Th…
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The kiui project

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A time was killed and a earth will be in a war with time and space
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Demystifying Dark Gums: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The topic of dark gums encompasses various factors that contribute to changes in gum pigmentation.
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Strategies for Success | Mastering the Art of Crypto 30x Investments

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Crypto 30x refers to the extraordinary phenomenon where certain cryptocurrencies experience a thirtyfold increase in their value within a specific timeframe. This could be driven by a variety of factors, such as market demand, technological advancements, or unique features of the cryptocurrency itself. Understanding the dynamics behind Crypto 30x …
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Top 50 Project Ideas For C#

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Crafting a comprehensive list of 50 project ideas for C# can be a bit extensive, but I can certainly provide a diverse range of project concepts across various domains to inspire your next coding endeavor.
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The book is educationally inclined.
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Freelance SEO Experts for Top Search Rankings

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Every business is unique, and SEO strategies should be tailored to its specific goals, industry, and target audience.
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Top Effects of electric bikes on our health

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte There are different types of electric bikes available in the market but you should consider ENGWE EP-2 Pro 2022 Version Folding Electric Bike due to its many features.
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3020 Love year

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The coming of 3050 to 3020 love year
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Cloud Computing Classes In Pune | Prominent Academy Pune

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Prominent Academy is the best institute for cloud computing,Salesforce. We provide online training for cloud computing,online training for Salesforce.Our curriculum prepares our students to become skilled experts. We help you to secure jobs with competitive salaries.
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The Existence of Everything Volume 1 & 2

Part of the Universe of Universe Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Discuss in short the chapters of The Existence of Everything Volume 1 & 2.
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