No Strings Attached

Krista Crow is a 21-year-old girl whose dream was to go on tour with her favorite band, 5A. A week after the concert her best friend Sophia tells her about a contest where the winner will go on tour with 5A! Krista was suspicious, 5A never mention a tour on their website. Maybe it was early access? Come to find out, the contest was fake. After los…
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Gespalten- Zwei unterschiedliche Welten

Es ist das Jahr 2060. Auf der Erde leben nur noch zwei Milliarden Menschen. Die restlichen fünf Milliarden wurden durch absichtlich herbeigeführte Umweltkatastrophen und Pandemien ausgelöscht. Die Gesellschaft ist gespalten: Die Mehrheit lebt unter der Obhut des Staates im Sklaventum, während sich einige wenige eine Parallelgesellschaft außerhalb …
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Secrets Of The Heart

In a small town, teenagers Emma, Ryan, and Sofia embark on a thrilling journey of love, mystery, and self-discovery. Emma's discovery of a mysterious diary sets her on a quest for answers, testing her loyalty and courage. Ryan, her best friend, grapples with his feelings for Emma, torn between love and preserving their friendship. Sofia harbors he…
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Charlie's diary

Charlie is gonna tell you about her life
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Zaylee (PAUSED)

A year ago I committed a suicide attempt, and I can assure you that I did it not because I was selfish, I did it because I just wanted to end the suffering, a nightmare from which I could not wake up. I'm Zaylee Schneider and this is my story. | BEFORE READING | This novel contains topics such as self-harm, suicide, mental illness and other issues…
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