An underground worker is going to fix a problem in an underground tunnel when he stumbles across…
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Feelings come in Waves, crashing into your life unexpected, but what if it washes some of them off, wanted?
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Short Stories about Love and Hate
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Red Beans And Cornbread

A touching story of a favorite dish that has fed countless numbers of people. A beloved traditional dish that brings to mind warm feelings of yesteryear
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Nach einem furchtbaren Unfall ist eine junge Tänzerin vom Hals abwärts gelähmt. Sie liegt ohne jegliche Hoffnung auf Genesung im Krankenhaus. Doch Sara, eine Krankenschwester, schafft es, sie von Zeit zu Zeit etwas aufzumuntern. Als die beiden anfangen gemeinsam zu Choreografieren, erscheint ein Hoffnungsschimmer am Horizont.
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30 days of Horror (Micro-stories for fast readers)

30 days worth of horror/thriller microstories for readers who get impatient to read novels.
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Light as a Feather (Shorter Ver.)

Charlotte won. She finally won. No one had pranked her this Halloween. Or so she thought.
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Sieben Sachen

Die ersten sieben Sachen von Paula Grimm sind gepackt. Mit Kurzgeschichten über Frauen, Tiere, Magischreales, Freundschaft, Trauer und schwarzem Humor fing alles im Jahr 2003 an. Gute Unterhaltung mit den Prosatexten. Paula Grimm
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Übertötung statt Overkill

Übertötung statt Overkill ist die erste Kurzgeschichte, die Paula Grimm aus dem Leben der Mordermittlerin Gesken Paulsen erzählt. Gesken ist eine junge Frau, die inden Polizeidienst tritt und bei einem kriminalistischen Vortrag die Möglichkeit bekommt, sich von ihrem erlebten Kindheitsthrauma einen neuen und passenden Begriff zu machen.
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The Day They Came: The Horrible Story Of Planet Leep

Part of the Universe of The SARTAM Universe It was sudden and without warning when the Architeks arrived on Planet Leep, a world home to the anthropomorphic rabbit beings known as the 'Wrabunni'. The race had overpopulated their world to the point of the surveying robots calling in reinforcements in an attempt to reduce the numbers. This would lead to them and the Wrabunni race to wage war …
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Best of Short story Complication

Find the best of my short story collection
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Genre Carousel

Welcome to the thrilling world of Genre Carousel, where every week brings a brand-new adventure! Step into a literary journey like no other as we take you through a captivating carousel of stories, each one representing a different genre. From heart-pounding mysteries to epic fantasy quests, spine-chilling horror to heartwarming romances, and ever…
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Dystopian Wonderland

Thomas and Mira, enemies from opposing sides, must come together to take down the real enemies. The Sponsors.
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Life Is Like A Rollercoaster

My first short story, I hope everyone likes it! If you want another, please comment and I will make book 2! Xxx
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AGE 00:00

"Oh." He stood silently, the remaining visible light in his eyes slowly fading away. He took a few steps forward and stood before the derelict cake. "I must have forgotten." He smiled weakly, gaze softening. He dropped the knife covered in blood, wrists showered in bruises and cuts, forces its hand to reach out for the candle that lights up. He…
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Collected Short Stories

These Short Stories were specially written for the challenges by Inkspired. I also include stories inspired by themes proposed for challenges I didn't take part in. Some of them have been reviewed and corrected, and some have extended versions.
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Haunting Hallucinations

You have just been betrayed by someone you have deemed trustworthy. And now you are paying the price. You are trapped in a hallucination of your past, and it's not a good one. How will it affect you?
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"The Turning Point: When a Stoic Husband Saw His Wife Cry for the First Time"

"The Turning Point" is a heartwarming story about a woman who finally lets down her guard and shows her emotions to her stoic husband. This moment of vulnerability becomes a turning point in their marriage, as her husband becomes more attentive, expressive, and loving. The story explores the power of vulnerability and the importance of emotional c…
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The Tyranny of Time

Short stories about the passing of time. How we experience different events at different moments of our life.
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The Secret Room

After the death of his father, Quentin and his mother move into an old abandoned mansion. While she does everything to renovate the mansion for it's new owners, Quentin discovers something that will change his life forever.
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Einige kleine Anekdoten und Erzählungen über Erlebnisse verschiedenste Personen. Ich freue mich über Feedback.
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Etwas verschrobene Kurzgeschichten. Die Texte sind im Freewriting entstanden und folgen freien Gedankenströmen. Es gibt nicht unbedingt eine eindeutige Interpretation, sie können gleichzeitig lustig, ernst, trüb oder suspekt sein, keine Empfindung ist dabei fehl am Platz. Ich freue mich über Feedback.
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Music and Lyrics

Every song has a story behind it. What if you could delve into those moments that inspired them? Music and Lyrics takes those songs and turns them into fictional stories.
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PORTAL Chronicles

Most stories happened in the past, this one is different.
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The Dull Sunlight

Contemplating life, the protagonist finds himself perplexed. Wanting to be understood, he journals his thoughts, as he makes his final decision.
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The baby demon plant that wanted to be loved

A little baby plant who just wants to be loved bye everyone but is hated.
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I knew reading was dangerous

This is the story about a girl and her cousin who end up stuck in another world.
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Little Miss unlucky (just got lucky)

This story Is about a 22 year old female who has one of the worse cases of bad luck. One day as she is sitting in a park she see a dandelion so she decides to pick it up and make a wish. She goes home and falls asleep and the next day...
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