Supernatural: Liberation

Abigail Scarlett Winchester is Dean's daughter. She has lived a relatively normal life until recently. Things begin to change when she realizes she isn't fully human and there's a prophecy to be fulfilled. Will she become her worst nightmare? Can she stop herself from changing? Find out in this Supernatural story of the newest generation of hunt…
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Simon Bricker's Mistake

"A man who thought he could step into my place just like that!" "He thought it and he was wrong!" There's way more to Simon Bricker than anyone knows and Cora is hurt severely in the process. Does Robert really believed she chose Simon over him?
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Past Meets Future

The star ship Enterprise is casually flying through space when they come across a small gas planet. The ship’s sensors pick up life in a small human-sized pod. Unable to board the object, they use the ship’s beam to pull it out of the planet’s outer atmosphere. Once the object is safely out of the gas planet’s orbit, they beam aboard the life form…
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The Brotherhood thought he was dead, but she found him. However, getting him to agree to the mission she had for him was another matter entirely… This story portrays Sapkowski´s Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. The events occur after he met Yennefer but before he was reunited with Ciri.
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Secret past

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte 19 year old Cora Levinson was kidnapped and missing for a little over a year. When she was finally found, it was discovered she'd been beaten,tortured , and sexually assaulted. To protect her from the press, as well as the vile family of the man who hurt her, She assumed a new identity per the witness protection program and moved across the Atlan…
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A Miami Story

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte ,,I wish I could tell him that I love him." Horatio gets kidnapp in frount of his Co worker Ryan who he loved for years now. Can he be saved and will Ryan love him back?
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To Kill The Devil

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Lae has always hated her father after the hell he out her through. Though she must keep who is a secret. As her and he brother embark on a mission to save the world from him, they meet a few unlikely friends along the way, Abaddon a hunter, Anastasia a woman from another world, and Marina daughter of Poseidon. Though they all have one thing in com…
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13th Doctor x reader

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The reader has some struggles and she suffers from depression, anxiety, SH and really negative thoughts. Everything seems hopeless for her since she has lost everything. The Doctor comes to rescue her in time and she decides to try and help her recover. The reader has the ability to see auras and sense emotions since she is an empath. Yaz the Doct…
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Doctor Who - The Singing Planet

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte This is a Doctor Who fan fiction story first written as an entry in the Big Finish Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip in 2016. In 2017, a community of fans formed a writing collective called Divergent Wordsmiths. We published an anthology of other stories written for the competition called: Paul Spragg ReCollections in 2022 This story is called The…
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Who are you?—Misung

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Han is a really bad detective,but something chances when he see a mysterious "person" killing he husband,Lee Minho. Han need to be strong and fight for his life. "Who are you?" Is the only answer he need,and the motivation come when he think Minho can be alive...
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Grimes' Love

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Rick and Alexa met on a night out. The connection and attraction were immediate, and they started spending more time together, falling for each other. He was already planning their future when a lie was told and it shattered his heart and changed his life. And Alexa was forced to go to the other side of the world. But now, she’s coming to King Co…
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My Better Half

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Kimberly's life hasn't been easy. Both parents are drug addicts and never cared much for her. It was thanks to them that she started doing drugs, too, since they gave them to her. One day, after ending up passed out at her "boyfriend" house, she gets abused and finds it out after she goes to the doctor and finds that her sickness is, in fact, a pr…
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Adopted by the 13th Doctor

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte There is a girl who no one seems to want. She has autism but she was unaware of it until she reached 15 which is also when her parents passed away. The foster place immediately got her an official diagnosis. After that no one treats her the same. She was constantly bullied in the orphanage and at school since her "friend" told everyone she saw. Sh…
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T.P.S The Phoenix Skiers

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Rebirth
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Angel is half human and half timelady. Her mother was from Earth, while her father was from Gallifrey. She thought she was the last to survive but she found out there was the Doctor and another one. The other one was dead though. The Doctor and Angel had no idea what they meant to each other until later on. The more they were together the strong…
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Missy x reader

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The Doctor kicks you out because he doesn't want to admit you saved him and you both get into a big fight. He says something hurtful before kicking you out. Missy then takes you in hopes to get the Doctor's attention but then she discovers what the Doctor did and for your sake decides to change because she knows what it's like to be thrown to the …
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Spider Monkey

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte While looking for Sophia, Daryl comes across a boy in the trees. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t communicate in any way and flaps his hands when he’s happy. He’s autistic and non-verbal and will not leave Daryl alone! Also, future Carl Grimes x Male OC Dad!Daryl Anyone?
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On Our Last Date

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Adrien Agreste loses his girlfriend in a fire. After a time he receives an letter in a collage he applied for. Taking it he goes back to Paris since spending his "gap year" in London with his aunt. On arriving on his first day of school he's met with an odd incident and blue eyes piercing his own.
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Hood Love{Marisol and Oscar}❤️

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Marisol Guzman And Oscar Diaz, their love story, filled with violence, deaths and fighting, As 3 years before La leaves behind Oakland California because of her traumatized and gang life her dad has raised his family in.
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Doctor Who - The Phoenix

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte This is a Doctor Who fan fiction story first written as an entry in the Big Finish Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip In 2017, a community of fans formed a writing collective called Divergent Wordsmiths. We published an anthology of other stories written for the competition called: Paul Spragg ReCollections. This story is called The Phoenix and fe…
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Sarah and John b after outer banks s3

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte John b and Sarah end up together in the end of season 3 but will their lives just be happy from there on. Sarah will give John b some shocking news that will change their lives forever. Will their friends support them in the way. Read to find out.
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Toby Regbo Character Stories

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Character X Reader
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Plötzlich bei dir

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Wo bin ich plötzlich? Ich blinzelte und schaute genauer hin. Das kann doch gar nicht sein! Aber ich schaute direkt in Alarics Augen.... Ich hab für euch mal einen Traum nieder geschrieben. Schreibg mir doch gern mal was ihr davon haltet.
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A Never Ending Story

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A fanfiction that I wrote about the Doctor in his several incarnations. An adventure in time and space.
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Timothy McGee Stories

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Timothy McGee X Reader Stories
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Head over Heels in Love

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Katleena, genannt Kat, ist eine Arbeiterin im Sanctuary. Negan hat sie persönlich vor einem Jahr von der Straße aufgegabelt, nur kann sie sich nicht mehr richtig daran erinnern. Kat lebt gerne dort und schwärmt schon seit längerem insgeheim für ihren Retter. Jedoch hält sie ihr bester Freund Jake dafür für krank. Wird es Katleena gelingen Negans A…
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Dead Widow-Fight until you're broken

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Dies wird eine Geschichte die erzählt wie es auf der anderen Seite abgelaufen ist, bei Negan. Wie es ist von ihm aufgegabelt zu werden, gebrochen zu werden und dann auch noch zu seinem Eigentum gemacht zu werden, als Eine seiner unzähligen Ehefrauen. Es geht um Kassidy, eine starke junge Frau, die sich in der Geschichte gegen Negan, behaupten wird…
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Rat Curse

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte After Wei Wuxian is infected by a curse, he and his brother go on an adventure in search of a cure, but... Things go awry.
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