A boy wants to pilot the new generation of mecha, however something seems off. Join Ryo in an adventure of heroism, forgetfulness, and hope in an attempt to right the mistakes of human kind.
2 KAPITEL 2.8k Abrufe 2 4 Neues Kapitel Alle 15 Tage

Out Of The Ordinary

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte On Earth something crash lands causing panic to spread throughout the world... With one way in or out, Colier has to defend herself and find her vessel but in between, she meets a kind boy (Quillan) which shows only kindness towards her and wants to help her... But something else happens in between, Earth as we know it is dying and there only ...
9 KAPITEL 1.1k Abrufe 1 1 Neues Kapitel Jeden Mittwoch

Colossal Man

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Dave Seville's roles as my beloved husband and Colossal Man accidentally by Radioactive bomb effects to regenerate and growth into a freak colossal Dad.
3 KAPITEL 1.4k Abrufe Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Looking essay writing help?

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte We really understand how hard it is to study. Pupils have been placed under pressure by educators, parents, even other students, so students often ask 'Is it possible to write my school essays to lessen my involvement and dangers getting a poor grade?'
1 Kapitel 1.5k Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Space Monsters

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Tannhäuser is hired to hunt a 60-foot-tall monster.
10 KAPITEL 1.7k Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Laundry

Ever had the thought of how fate and destiny can be molded to do your bidding? In this tale, we meet Rebecca who through her work and a visitor from the future discovers the great mystery of this and uses it to change the destiny of many.
Kurzgeschichte 3.7k Abrufe 2 3 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

A Future Story

The Future is bleak. But not for Tannhäuser.
8 KAPITEL 5.2k Abrufe 15 4 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Incredible Shrinking Dave Second Edition Series

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte My husband Dave Seville been contaminated by Radioactive goo waste affected him to reduce slow down into miniature doll-size. He discovered on the second adventure and help someone on solve problems.
3 KAPITEL 3.1k Abrufe Neues Kapitel Alle 10 Tage

Interplanetary Online

It is 2053. Many things have transpired since then, global conflicts, resource shortages, advancements in technology (entertainment especially), all of it. However in response, world governments had become paranoid of each other. Censorship was rampant, authoritarianism even more so, former bastions of democracy had become nothing but mere polic...
21 KAPITEL 3.9k Abrufe 2 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Brain Fade

Stephanie keeps having dreams about being in Philadelphia, a city she’s never visited, and her best friend seems to be hiding something whenever the dreams are mentioned. Stephanie’s synthetic blood might somehow be connected, and a suborbital flight to Philly could provide some answers. Such as why the agent of a secretive quasi-governmental or...
22 KAPITEL 8.8k Abrufe 63 11 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


A rotating scarlet-red cube levitating on a marble pedestal, a squalid man in a gray t-shirt, jeans and shoes, and the mortification and torment hovering over the immaterial eyes of the latter. The cube transcends the man. In comparison to the solid, he is a vassal, and his timeless nightmare is only a premonitory illusion. WARNING: Contains ex...
Kurzgeschichte 5.6k Abrufe 1 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Elementals - Prologue

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte 17 years ago, there was a planet far from the solar system, Nidra, on that planet there were warriors who possessed the vital element of fire, the King of the planet, Flame, and his wife, Queen Frost, had given birth to a son, the son's name was Tadashi, he was going to be the next king after his father, times went by after he knew that Tadashi ...
1 Kapitel 4.3k Abrufe 2 Neues Kapitel Jeden Samstag

A Claim to a Name

Here, names aren't free. Having a name is a privilege and using your name comes at a cost. The rich can shirk the cost, but many others use their name and suffer the namerot for it. Her parents strained to get her the best name they could. But her name, Navaleighee, dries the mouth and trips the tongue. She knows how to get by, but now the ...
1 Kapitel 4.4k Abrufe 3 2 Neues Kapitel Jeden Sonntag

Sector 4

A world is in war, innocent people are dying. This is all thanks to the people's greed, but there's hope: a battle with the fittest warriors is to be made, and whomever wins is granted the key to save their world. Out of the 16 teams, who will be victorious? -- Sector 4 is a star in the Mirai Project sky. Wanna find out more? Go to https://0m...
26 KAPITEL 5.1k Abrufe 183 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Stories from the Oblivion

Same place, different people. Maybe together, maybe scattered in time. But what is this odd corner of the universe? "You know it's easier to accept our failures sometimes, right? Bodies fail" "Then why are you here too?"
3 KAPITEL 6.0k Abrufe 126 3 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Gladiators of a New Universe

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Gladiators nowadays are rebels who fight for the new Universe after a solar system collapse.This was because the dictator after the gladiators and the universal government fell the the dictator and the warlords used a ray to take out the sun which made it to where the solar system went in their own directions due to no gravitational pull from th...
1 Kapitel 1.4k Abrufe 1 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Robot Secret Agent

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The Robot Secret Agent
1 Kapitel 3.7k Abrufe 120 Im Fortschritt


Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Can you imagine a world where the perfection exist? Nobody was prepared for this. No one could help it, much less he could have been unharmed. Nobody, except them. They were not different, not better than the others, because that was the least of that or that's what the book mentioned. Small and insignificant that is how those who preferred to...
2 KAPITEL 4.0k Abrufe 2 2 Neues Kapitel Jeden Sonntag

Escape: Barin Book 1

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Read a new chapter every two days! (wasn't able to pick that as an option) Barin gave up his life as a Raider for a noble reason: to save his own ass. But now, a few years later, he's dealing with a cocky, upstart pilot, secretly dating the boss's son, and the computer on his ship has been updated to the point where his job as a pilot is almos...
31 KAPITEL 4.8k Abrufe 67 3 Neues Kapitel Jeden Montag

The War of Wars

James Shinoman, a young Spaceflight Participant goes on a voyage with a team of space explorers. He finds love along the way, however, things get out of control and he is left to make sense of his experience during their mission.
4 KAPITEL 6.1k Abrufe 10 4 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

In The End

My name is Lila Martin and today I will be marked. My mother and father were two of the last rebel generation before we were cast to the edge of the city in Miris, I will never have a family and my future holds no reason. Today will be the beginning of my inevitable end. What happens when you're handed an opportunity you were never suppose...
18 KAPITEL 6.2k Abrufe 36 9 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Viator Chronicles

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A collection of science fiction short stories that share elements which place them within the same universe.
2 KAPITEL 5.4k Abrufe 2 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Robot Love

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Life was comfortable numb until Boss Robot got unexpectedly attacked by the love malware
2 KAPITEL 5.8k Abrufe 2 Im Fortschritt

Event Horizon - Arcadia

1 Kapitel 6.2k Abrufe 1 1 Neues Kapitel Jeden Samstag


At a dying planet, a detective must face demons from his past and plunge into a world of xenon lights, temples, priests, luxury brothels and the end-of-the-world anguish as he runs up against time in the hunt for a serial killer much closer that he could have imagine.
2 KAPITEL 5.9k Abrufe 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Man Who Could Work Miracles By H. G. Wells

"The Man Who Could Work Miracles" is a British fantasy–comedy short story by H. G. Wells first published in 1898 in The Illustrated London News.
1 Kapitel 5.6k Abrufe 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

A Story of the Days To Come. H. G. Wells

"A Story of the Days To Come" is a novella by H. G. Wells comprising five chapters that was first published in the June to October 1899
5 KAPITEL 6.3k Abrufe 11 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

A Story of the Stone Age. H. G. Wells By H. G. WELLS

"A Story of the Stone Age" is a short story written in 1897 by H. G. Wells.
5 KAPITEL 6.9k Abrufe 10 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte