This is a mature themed story. Some may dislike it due to less nudity of bodies but there definitely is best emotional intimacy between the hero and his and only his heroine. Please support this is my first story. And both of them are very mush close to me.
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Tangled Up in Blue

Still grieving the loss of her mother, aspiring journalist Keegan heads off to college in Oklahoma, seeking refuge and a fresh start. She finds more adventure than she bargained for as the new tenant in a raucous party house just off campus. And her world is soon turned upside down by one of her housemates, the mysterious and magnetic Blue. The…
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The price of the past

She is known as the Ice Queen in the corporate social circles of Nashville, Tennessee. Those who gossip about C.J. Bostworth are unaware of what lies behind her cold and distant façade. After a dreadful marriage in which deception and pain were the main ingredients, C.J. shows herself merciless in a business world managed by men. She won’t let any…
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You don't wanna miss this story Rated 18+
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All The Thing That I (Don´t) Hate About You

Matthew Clark is socially awkward - and he's ok with being invisible. He is a smart student and all he wants is to have good grades to grant his so dreamed scholarship in Havard. But, then Olivia Barrow arrives to his school. And when she focus her attention in Matthew, things will change in his life.
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Lend me your boyfriend

Nothing good can come out of your friend asking you to borrow your boyfriend, and Maria is going to find out in the worst possible way. Jane is convinced that Maria was lucky to have found a partner like Noah and that she deserves someone like him in her life too, as he is the boyfriend her mother would certainly approve of. And if he can't reall…
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Obsidian Obsession: A Twisted Love Unveiled

In this gripping and suspenseful story, meet Lucy, a mysterious goth girl who is secretly in love with Max, the popular and charming boy everyone adores. Lucy, a social outcast, is determined to make Max fall for her, but her methods take a dark and dangerous turn. Through spying, stealing, and manipulation, Lucy's infatuation escalates into a twi…
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Xavier Esposito: BOOK I

"I'll never leave your side, I promise." * After being sold to the mafia king Xavier Esposito, Sophia's life changes. Rumours of the great Xavier always crawled in the corners of the city, she knows what kind of a person he was. Yet, he was warm, somewhere deep within.
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Marriage of Convenience

Dylan Dexter Ltd CEO Theo Dylan stood in front of his office window overlooking at the most beautiful site in London. When he suddenly turned around to see his assistant looking at him gently. You came too early, Freya I wanted to talk to you Mr. Dylan, there is something I would like to tell you. He looked at her then said I'm listening. Frey…
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Into You

Ashley didn't know what was coming over her when she moved to the new city to start College, and Sam didn't know he would find something he never knew before.
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The Retribution Game

A story of loyalty, treachery and love. Max Oberland, a business man recently named CEO of his family's insurances company and player in his free time, wants Davina Saxe, the daughter of his business partner to be the next prey. 'The Database' is a computer program he made for his exclusive use and his pride and joy in which he keeps his previous …
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Bound By Betrayal

In the web of deceit and emotions, "Bound by Betrayal" weaves a gripping tale of love, friendship, and the consequences of hidden truths. Meet Matthew, the enigmatic sports star, basking in adoration and success, yet harboring a dark secret that threatens to shatter his world. Amidst the captivating charisma of Matthew stands Daniel, the golden-he…
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The Bad Boy & The Tomboy

Eric was my nemesis. The school bully who had laser focus on me as his target. As if highschool wasn't hard enough. Even worse, he was quite possibly the one person that seemed to know me best. All I wanted was to avoid Eric but he had a knack for showing up whenever I wanted to avoid him most. Then we made that bet... I believed that the on…
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The lumberjack and the beautiful Suzie

The thirty+ year-old Babida the lumberjack unexpectedly meets the beautiful eighteen-year-old Suzie in Ekule's forest located in the Batang empire in Africa, an imaginary land. There starts an epic adventure between the two lovebirds. At first, the young maiden Suzie mistakes the woodsman for a stalker before later nurturing an admiration for h…
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Permission to love you

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Selena is trying her best to fight emotions for her boss, once they spend a night together. He changes his view of her and is determined to get her. She knows she can't succumb to such desires, but love is a strong emotion. As their love story blossoms they face many hardships putting their love to the test. This is a not a love story but a story …
10 KAPITEL 8.2k Abrufe 38 34 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Out of Reach

Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Humor Do not fall into her trap. She's playing tricks with you. Not everything you see is the truth. Do not invest any feelings in her, it would only cost you. She was like the helium and we were the balloon. At first, she'd fill you up making you feel complete, it made you happy that you felt like you were flying, but i…
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•~•~•~ It's been seven years since he rejected me to be with an alpha female. It's been four years since I left my pack. Finally after much persuasion, I decided to come back-well-just for the annual summer alpha gala. And that's when it all changes.
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Wolves - Dein wahres Ich

Als Pia nach West Virginia geht und eigentlich ein normales Leben erwartet, kommt kurzerhand alles anders. Sie trifft auf den geheimnisvollen und gutaussehenden Jake. Jake ist ein Wolfswandler und alle sind in Gefahr. Eine Familie, die Jäger, machen jagt auf sie, aber nicht nur von den Jägern geht Gefahr aus, denn es lauern noch viele Geheimnisse …
33 KAPITEL 5.3k Abrufe 113 30 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


Bastian Turner is the hottest player of the entire school, he was rude and bullied almost everyone but his friends … until he met her. Alyssa Brighton is your average girl if we don't count her attractive wolf like amber eyes and the fact that she's nearly blind. He's not a bad person but masks everything with the face that his friends make him ho…
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Timeless I

A university student wakes up in a time that isn't hers. She has to figure out where she is and why in order to then understand how she can get back home. Check out Timeless II, tge full story for Timeless
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Love's Bittersweet Symphony

In "Love's Bittersweet Symphony," Dana and Nick, two high school seniors, fall deeply in love despite societal pressures and personal challenges. Their passionate connection faces numerous obstacles, leading to a heartbreaking decision. Dana's health struggles intensify, testing the strength of their love. As circumstances unravel, they are forced…
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Suddenly, life made sense when you arrived. You've changed me, given me a reason to live. *This book contains graphic violence and explicit sexual scenes.*
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The Moonlight Smile That Stole My Heart

A love story of a lonely writer takes the form of a bestseller novel. This is what best describes the book in one line. The love story of a young lonely writer Aditya and his love Ahana. Read to find out what happens when dreams of tomorrow force Ahana to leave her love of life behind. As the love story of Ahana and Aditya were progressing at its …
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I met her when I was 14, it wasn't love and we knew it never will be. She was 19 and we were just different, we still are but I really don't wanna be without her.
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To Be King

What would you do if you spent the perfect day with someone in a deserted park? What if for you it was love at first sight? What if that special person suddenly disappears but not before letting you know that he will be present at the last dance of the year in France. Rafael never told Alissa that he was a prince. With the council bearing down on …
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The Mafia's Girl

A girl sold to the mafia, hates them at first but slowly ends up liking them. This is her story
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The Allure of a Doomed Spark

Athanas is a female alchemist who stopped aging on her 24th birthday, impotence for being unable to remember her past takes her to a bar where she meets Roderick, an ordinary man that feels attracted to her dazzling beauty. The last message from her family’s patriarch unleashes doubt in her relationship to Roderick that leads her to ask: is it me …
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