True or Dare

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Title: True or Dare Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Expect The Unexpected Summary: He was the black sheep of the family. The one that always get into trouble. Who never does anything right. A happy-go-lucky, bratty, rich kid. What will happen if he met his match? Chaos ensues, of course. In a world of opulence and privilege, he was the prodigal…
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Arrogant In Love

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Title: Arrogant In Love Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Man In The Mirror Summary: In Arrogant In Love, join Alexandra Reed, a fiercely determined CEO, and Ethan Turner, a free-spirited artist, on a rollercoaster ride of passion and self-discovery. Alexandra is accustomed to control and success, while Ethan embraces a carefree existence. When th…
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A Certain Kind of Feelings

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Title: A Certain Kind of Feelings Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Love Online Summary: There was a Boy... There was a Girl... And there was a Social Media... An Interactive Social Media for Aspiring Writers... There... They have met... And became fast friends... But... They didn't realized that they attended the same school... So, how this two a…
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The Scents of Love

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Title: The Scents of Love Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Scents of Love Summary: All your life, you depend upon your senses. What if, one day, it all changes? What if, in just a matter of seconds everything has been gone wrong? How would you live your life in full of darkness? When all the brightness has been gone? But on the bright si…
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Hired (Forbidden Lovers: Rosie Anders)

Rosie Anders has been an editorial assistant at Pincer & Co, longer than anyone else and knows she is overdue a promotion. There's just one problem. His name is Matthew Pincer and the only way to the top is to sleep your way there. When newbie, Millie bags a promotion after only being at the company for a few weeks, Rosie cannot take it any longe…
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The Moon Child

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Title: The Moon Child Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Moon Star Lovers Summary: Once upon a time. There was a Moon Star Lover. Who defies death for their love for each other. He was the Son of the Moon. A Moon Child. She was the Daughter of the Star. A Star Child. They met and fall in love with each other. But someone wants to ruin and tak…
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Wolves - Bring Licht ins Dunkle

Die Fortsetzung zu "Wolves - Dein Wahres Ich". Auch hier warten viele mysteriöse Geheimnisse auf Pia, Jake, Fynn und Alex. Diesmal geht es in deren eigentliche Heimat, welche sie zu retten versuchen. Sie wollen den dunklen König nämlich aufhalten. So eine Aktion birgt Gefahren und manchmal bringt es auch neue Freunde mit sich.
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Forbidden (Forbidden Lovers: The Megan Alder Series #1)

Sometimes you just can't help who you fall in love with. Teaching assistant, Megan is totally ready for welcoming the new students of aspiring performers to Pinewood Academy for Performing Arts, as well welcoming back the current ones. What she isn't so ready for, is the new addition to the staff team, that comes in the form of tall, smiley and e…
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Seduced (Forbidden Lovers - The Lucy Adam Series #1)

Sometimes you just can't help who you fall in love with. People always tell you your last year of secondary school will be the best yet; people always tell you your last year of secondary school will be the hardest; people always tell you how to cope with the stress of exams, friendships and studying, but, no-one ever tells you how to cope when y…
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Love Online

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Title: Love Online Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Love Online Summary: Love Online follows the story of two strangers who meet in an online chatroom. Jonathan, a successful businessman in his early twenties, finds himself feeling alone and disconnected despite his professional success. Kelly, a freelance graphic designer in her mid-twenties, is…
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Die verfeidete Familien

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Ein Paar, das vieles Erleben hat, um zusammen zu sein. Verrat, Kämpfe, aber auch die geliebte Person beschützt, sind ein Teil davon. Zwei Familien die sich hassen, aber durch eine Heirat, die sehr schwer ist vereinen sie sich. Das Problem ist nicht das Paar Qing und Son, sonder deren Familien.
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Triple Trouble

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Title: Triple Trouble Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Love In Trouble Summary: In the bustling tapestry of life, "Triple Trouble" unravels an intricate tale where the threads of fate weave a complex web of identity, connection, and love. Set against the backdrop of a city of Serendipity Bay, where dreams and destiny intertwine, three men—each sh…
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In between

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Desperation for the big world Claire white found her opportunity to become a big model in new York and she took it immediately , she finally gets into the big world and finds her self in between a love commotion
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The Allure of a Doomed Spark

Athanas is a female alchemist who stopped aging on her 24th birthday, impotence for being unable to remember her past takes her to a bar where she meets Roderick, an ordinary man that feels attracted to her dazzling beauty. The last message from her family’s patriarch unleashes doubt in her relationship to Roderick that leads her to ask: is it me …
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Is age really an obstacle for love? A vocal group hires a sound engineer for their upcoming tour. Ebony falls in love with Laslo almost instantly and he seems to fancy her back until their age difference begins to bother him. Then, Alejandro takes every advantage he can to win Ebony over. He does not stop until he does. Will Laslo let Alejandro ge…
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Her 192 Scars

Writing is her everything; she expresses through paper what she can't say with words. My relative is worried about her because even if they're best friends there are lots of things that she's hiding; it’s like if they only stand each other because they get along well. She may have inner issues; we don't know and that's why as a student of psycho…
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BEWITCHED: Amystical love tale

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte What happens when forbidden love sparks a war among witches, vampires, wolves, and demons, leading a young king to wield unparalleled power in a world of supernatural intrigue and dark romance? Centuries of harmony among Witches, vampires, wolves and Demons unravel when a forbidden love between witch Anna and the multi-demensional king Damon lea…
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Mona tries really hard to get for her mother better treatment , being the only child, things really get hard for her . Trying to work and at the same time trying to follow her dream gets hard because she has to go to the next city to find work since her mother's treatment gets very expensive.
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A Constellation's Prophecy

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Lyra was dropped off at an orphanage as an infant. She lived a simple, some may say rough life during her time there. When she is thrown for a loop with a mysterious note, and the deed to a small cottage, she goes on a journey of discovery, peace, and even self love. Four years pass, and Lyra’s finally in a place where she knows who she is, and wh…
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My Immortal husband

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Sammy was trying to get home but she got kidnapped. This man who kidnapped her was a true demon. Will she get out of his trap or will she fall in love with him? Read to find out.
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte High school love is always wonderful and spicy if you are with the right people but with the wrong ones leads to regrets in the future . Hazel a young girl joins new school hoping to start over without any drama but Will she when love is right at the corner
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Roses for Two

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Two sisters have to make up their mind when they aim for the same man, in this regency era fiction.
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Angels Love

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte This book is my absolute favorite that I have made, It shows that even angels can express love like humans. All credits to me, besides inspiration from a tv show If you like Angel and human love also drama this one’s for you!! Enjoy!
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Twenty-eight-year-old Wren has been sheltered his whole life. He was homeschooled, and only allowed to socialize with similarly repressed omegas who at the very least, had watched porn by their age. Wren, not so much. Once he finished school and went on into adulthood, you’d think that Wren would have gone crazy trying to experience all the things…
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Protecting What’s His

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte You, as the reader are placed in the shoes of 21 year old Lisa Crawford, a recent graduate from Liberty University, with a degree in Education and Public Health. In this interactive novel, lead Lisa to her happily ever after with a successful career in place. At the end of each chapter there will be a series of different decisions that will lead…
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The Nerd

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte You're always like a tomboy. But what happens when you meet the nerd? How would you deal with a side of him you've never seen before?
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Unbroken Connections: Finding Love, Forgiveness, and Second Chances

This story follows the life of Felicia, who faced the tragic loss of her parents at a young age and was raised by her grandmother. Determined to pursue her dreams, she attends University to become a social worker, where she meets Aiden, whom she later marries. After graduation, Felicia struggles financially while Aiden supports her. However, their…
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Obsidian Obsession: A Twisted Love Unveiled

In this gripping and suspenseful story, meet Lucy, a mysterious goth girl who is secretly in love with Max, the popular and charming boy everyone adores. Lucy, a social outcast, is determined to make Max fall for her, but her methods take a dark and dangerous turn. Through spying, stealing, and manipulation, Lucy's infatuation escalates into a twi…
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