Obsidian Obsession: A Twisted Love Unveiled

In this gripping and suspenseful story, meet Lucy, a mysterious goth girl who is secretly in love with Max, the popular and charming boy everyone adores. Lucy, a social outcast, is determined to make Max fall for her, but her methods take a dark and dangerous turn. Through spying, stealing, and manipulation, Lucy's infatuation escalates into a twi…
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Book I: The Essence of Your Love

The first book of the series: Between Sport and Love. Jasper Wright is the quarterback of his college football team. He is known for being direct and calculating, which works great for him on the field. But personally, his life is a puzzle. He has only the support and love of two close friends, parents who are too busy due to their work schedules…
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Love's Bittersweet Symphony

In "Love's Bittersweet Symphony," Dana and Nick, two high school seniors, fall deeply in love despite societal pressures and personal challenges. Their passionate connection faces numerous obstacles, leading to a heartbreaking decision. Dana's health struggles intensify, testing the strength of their love. As circumstances unravel, they are forced…
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Lend me your boyfriend

Nothing good can come out of your friend asking you to borrow your boyfriend, and Maria is going to find out in the worst possible way. Jane is convinced that Maria was lucky to have found a partner like Noah and that she deserves someone like him in her life too, as he is the boyfriend her mother would certainly approve of. And if he can't reall…
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The price of the past

She is known as the Ice Queen in the corporate social circles of Nashville, Tennessee. Those who gossip about C.J. Bostworth are unaware of what lies behind her cold and distant façade. After a dreadful marriage in which deception and pain were the main ingredients, C.J. shows herself merciless in a business world managed by men. She won’t let any…
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Wolves - Bring Licht ins Dunkle

Die Fortsetzung zu "Wolves - Dein Wahres Ich". Auch hier warten viele mysteriöse Geheimnisse auf Pia, Jake, Fynn und Alex. Diesmal geht es in deren eigentliche Heimat, welche sie zu retten versuchen. Sie wollen den dunklen König nämlich aufhalten. So eine Aktion birgt Gefahren und manchmal bringt es auch neue Freunde mit sich.
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Before The Veil (Plane 71)

Part of the Universe of Multiverse Love, it is the most purest of all emotions, for centuries people have contemplated what exactly it was. The story contained in this book is the story of two people who found love for each other. It was not just the love they had it was the challenges they faced together. For, it is the challenges that we face that true love survives and becomes s…
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A young boy named Magnus, the son of a Roman senator's servant fell in love with Aeliana, the daughter of the most crucial general in the Empire, the daughter of Tiberius, the Praefectus Preatorio (The Commander of the Pretorian Guard). He knew that his fate was sealed at birth, he could never become a soldier unless he proved his worth as a fight…
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A destiny told by the stars

Stars shine brightly and, though intangible, convey an inexplicable calm - that's Elizabeth Taylor. A small, bright red-haired light that brings happiness into the life of a troubled boy, Marcus Miller. For Marcus, Elizabeth is a ray of hope in the storm, a shining star that helps him clear those dark clouds. But every star disappears and every…
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Love story

Love is life
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The Mysterious Knight and The Caged Bird

For Elizabeth, life as a divorcee is not going as expected. Well, in fact, she didn’t expect it at all. She feels like she was born in a different time, and thus she’s sort of a renaissance fair nerd. Shamelessly, she pines away over her ex-husband David, hoping that he’ll come back to her and their son Rob. In fact, the only constant in Eliz…
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His heart strengthened in strength took revenge on those who tried to destroy him. Now he returns from hell under a different look and feel under the name Joshdan to restore peace to Algeson.
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SOON AT 5/06/23
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Death Wish : Dead Kiss

"Sorry? I'm just mad at you," she said, giving him a slight push. "Okay, I will clear up all your complaints now." Altan took her hand, pulled her towards him, and placed his lips on hers. Esen felt as if time had stopped. It was her first kiss, the first real one. For the first time, she felt the touch of a man in her life. He held her tightl…
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Summary of the Novel: "Winter Love" is a heartwarming tale that follows the journey of Sophia and André, two individuals who discover the power and endurance of their love through the changing seasons of life. As they navigate the ups and downs, their love remains constant and resilient. The story begins with Sophia and André facing challenges a…
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Timeless II

Vanessa is just in Paris to visit a friend. Nothing more. She isn’t looking for love like your usual protagonist. But when she is pushed back in time and wakes up in a time that isn’t hers in a bed that doesn't belong to her, she has to figure out a way back home. A remake of the short story Timeless.
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Bound By Betrayal

In the web of deceit and emotions, "Bound by Betrayal" weaves a gripping tale of love, friendship, and the consequences of hidden truths. Meet Matthew, the enigmatic sports star, basking in adoration and success, yet harboring a dark secret that threatens to shatter his world. Amidst the captivating charisma of Matthew stands Daniel, the golden-he…
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When She Lost Her Memories

Sabrina Louise de Leon, a lawyer who got into an accident when proceeding to the trial for one of her clients. She delievered in the hospital by Mrs. Mildred and her daughter. The Doctor Gio saved her life however she got an amnesia. This was the way they met each other and formed their friendship until fell inlove. Unfortunately, Doc Gio found …
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When love walks in

A misplaced love. A wounded heart. A vengeful soul. And a healing touch. Secrets, lies, and betrayals were the rules of the game. A story about perseverance, the strength of friendship, and finding love when hope was lost. Lillian is a sweet innocent soul betrayed by the man of her dreams. A man who was supposed to be her anchor, but turned out t…
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Hired (Forbidden Lovers: Rosie Anders)

Rosie Anders has been an editorial assistant at Pincer & Co, longer than anyone else and knows she is overdue a promotion. There's just one problem. His name is Matthew Pincer and the only way to the top is to sleep your way there. When newbie, Millie bags a promotion after only being at the company for a few weeks, Rosie cannot take it any longe…
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Beneath the March Sky [Ch. 9-10 Out]

Agustina is content with the life she's leading in La Paz, her hometown. Working as a waitress at the town's most popular café, she's embraced her new normality after her childhood best friend and secret crush Valentina left town two years ago, and her mother Camila lost her battle against cancer a few months later. She values the company of her f…
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"The Billionaire's Obsession"

In a world where success is everything, a young woman's dreams of becoming a writer become intertwined with the desires of a billionaire CEO. As their professional relationship turns personal, Sarah must confront her own fears and insecurities, while Jack battles his own demons from the past. Will their obsession with each other lead to true love …
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Two hearts in a mafia contract

Rebecca Stellar is a young orphan who found a happy home with her adoptive parents. However, when her father died, she agreed to an arranged marriage with a stranger in order to take over the family business and fulfill his legacy. Luciano Lombardo, on the other hand, is the heir to a mafia family, with a dark past and secrets that haunt him. Th…
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Shall we create a story?

Irene is a nurse and after a difficult time, she decides to listen to her friend and move to a seaside town. There she meets an attractive paediatrician and a hotelier with a young daughter. Her feelings are in turmoil, but who will attract her and make her open up to love again? Author's note: I have translated with an app and I would love to he…
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Timeless I

A university student wakes up in a time that isn't hers. She has to figure out where she is and why in order to then understand how she can get back home. Check out Timeless II, tge full story for Timeless
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Little Nymph

Part of the Universe of Little Nymph Universe They say that love is something that is worth fighting for. That it fills a hole inside of us that nothing else can. Love is what people spend their whole lives searching for, yearning for. And yet, people skim over the fact that it is the one thing that can destroy the most intimate parts of your soul. That it brings some to their knees in agony…
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Broken Bridges and Chocolate Chips

Kincaid Oakley, Kinny, a bubbly blonde finally makes her way to Reno, Nevada after having dealt with the darkest demons the world has to offer. She's desperate to uncover things about her mother, and even more desperate to bake the memories and the pain away. Her mask of bright colors, and smiles melts away the instant a chocolate chip melts in th…
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Trügerische Idylle

Die Liebe zieht mit dem Wind über die Felder und durch die Reihen der kleinen Mühlen. Doch die idyllische Landschaft trügt. Können das junge Paar ihre Liebe retten oder wird sie zerrissen und mit den Wolken davon getragen? Ich freue mich über Feedback.
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