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Inkspired Product Blog

The official product blog of Inkspired, with all the news, perks, changes and releases we make.
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Writer's Blog

Your place within Inkspired to find posts about how to improve your writing skills
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Verified Stories

Verified stories, what are them, why we are doing it, and how to get your stories verified.
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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines for writing, publishing and behaviour between members / Reglas comunitarias para escribir, publicar, y de comportamiento entre miembros.
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Rewards Program

Inkspired Rewards Program briefing in English, Spanish and Portuguese
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BETA readers network

Learn about the BETA readers networks and the benefits you can get from it.
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The Authors' Cup's competition rules

Official compendium of rules of the Inkspired's Authors' Cup competition
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Why Do I Write?

Hello, im Megan. This is how I got my inspiration, my ideas, and, of course, inkspired! Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask! Crossed out followers of the month: Shaun Waller Michael Nichols Kinga
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What Broken Really Looks like

A story of a drug addicted girl fighting herself and mental illness, but what got her to this point? What kind of pain did she have to feel? How much did she have to lose? To end up so lost and broken? Let me show you what Broken really looks like. An autobiography turned into an epic story of my life...
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