Ambra. Die Geschichte einer Heilung.

Ambra Lions Leben nahm eine drastische Wendung als die Depressionen anfingen. Ausgelöst durch den Tod ihres ersten Freundes Bench Writer.
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Thoughts I have when I try to hear the silence

The title speaks for itself... ...Right? ***All the pictures used in this work were created using Artbreeder. The idea here is to also send a message through art.
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Amelia's real eyes

In the forgotten corners of Buenos Aires, Amelia, a secretary in search of meaning in a world obsessed with perfection, discovers an old camera that becomes her window to extraordinariness. Through its lens, the streets come alive in vibrant colors, and the ordinary transforms into portraits of the soul. Despite doubts and fears fueled by society …
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Die Kunst

Als Peter Moor die Augen aufschlug und sich erinnerte, wusste er dass er alles verloren hatte. (Ankündigung des eBooks).
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The art

When Peter Moor opened his eyes and remembered, he knew he had lost everything. (Announcement of the eBook).
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Franka hatte den zweiten Weltkrieg wohl niemals seelisch überwunden. Zu grausame, zu einschneidende Dinge waren dort passiert. Doch sie wusste warum sie weiter gelebt hatte. Das erzählt ihre prägende Lebensgeschichte.
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In the midst of a struggle against my mental demons of the past... When hope was totally lost... He came like a beam of light to illuminate my doomed soul. That heart of stone was filled with pure strength.
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If I Could Talk To My Younger Self…

Inspired by a friend who told Jakye to write a book to help kids and young teens chase their dreams.
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This is a collection of stories both fiction and real life events. These will be my POV of how I interpret songs in my playlist and their impact on my life and in imagination... 1. Winter bear by v(BTS)-letting go and being at peace with it 2.golden hour by jvke- a song for lovers that makes you feel whimsical 3. Power by EXO- one word, strength 4…
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Dancing in the Rain

In this short story, we follow Melody, a young girl who silently battles with generalized anxiety disorder. Although her condition is never explicitly mentioned, the story portrays her daily struggles and the invisible weight she carries. From her trembling hands to her racing thoughts, Melody's anxiety affects her interactions with others and her…
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Going To The Past To Fix The Future

A girl tries to overcome an event that had a big impact on her in life, but theres something strange thats going on...
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A Diary of a Miscarriage

The honest, raw and heartbreaking reality of miscarriage.
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Lost in Love Vol 2

"Embark on an enriching literary journey with 'Lost in Love Vol. 2,' a truly exceptional compilation that skillfully weaves together the realms of love, family, and faith. This exquisite anthology not only transports readers into the intimate realm of love through beautifully woven stories and heartfelt letters but also seamlessly interlaces key c…
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Lost Girl

A young girl wakes up with a bad stomach ache. Parents go to take her to the ER. Drunk driver hits Parents car head on kills both Parents and drunk driver only survive was the little girl. The girl's siblings blame her for what happened to there parent. The gril moves when she turns 18 because she started to belive that her parents death was her f…
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This Isn't Living

One womens struggle to live the life she's worked so hard for and giving up her dreams to make someone else happy. It's a story that involves hard choices and consequences that must be faced due to those choices. Could you give up your life for another person?
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Stories I Want To Share

I don't think I can give a concrete description, there are several stories divided into parts, as you read them they complement each other along with the previous narratives. At first, those were just stories that I simply wrote down, but I wanted to develop them in a better way, what I am currently doing is more like an experiment, I want to see …
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Memories of a broken mind

Memories of a broken mind is a book where I tell my life story and the struggles of dealing with my own mind. *Contains sexual content*
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Her Only Mistake

This is the story about a young woman's troubles. Read at your own risk.
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Sarah's Deep Stories Through The Mind Of Greatness

Stories of my life experience through the way I view it. I hope you enjoy reading My stories. Written by Me
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Growing up Without a Dad

I wrote this because most people grow up without a father and it is easy to look at it like you are the only one in the world who does. I wrote this so that other people who are going through the exact same thing as me know that they aren't alone.
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Just another therapist friend

Im the therapist friend and this is honestly the only way I would ever vent somewhere where I’m anonymous and no one will know who I am, it helps me feel better considering I need a therapist and won’t get one.
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Mein Platz an deiner Seite

Etwas brachte der alte Mann Julian Williams mit als er Rachelle Vermont in ihrem Haus überraschte; Erinnerungen. Erinnerungen die Rachelle sehr geprägt hatten an eine furchtbare gemeinsam erlebte Zeit.
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Der Heimkehrer

Die traurige Geschichte des Soldaten Paul Müller
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Das Dorf

Erinnerungen aus dem Leben des Franz Müller
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My semster abroad

Hey! Ich bin Mira, 15 Jahre alt und bin seit dem 11. August 2022 für ein Semester in Schottland. Begleite mich gerne auf meinem Weg, mir ein Leben hier aufzubauen und eine schöne Zeit hier zu verbringen. Wenn du auch ins Ausland möchtest, findest du hier vielleicht auch ein paar Anregungen oder Do‘s and Don‘ts die vielleicht für dich wichtig sein …
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Only you

My life. My thoughts. My regrets. All about him.
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Coming for the Crown - Three Stories, One Dream

They don’t know if they will be able to have a good night sleep. They aren’t sure whether it’s a good idea to stay up all night long. They still don’t seem to realise they are going to witness perhaps one of the most awaited football matches of their time, if not of all times. Two of the best national teams, chasing after their third World Cup, wi…
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The blogging hours

Essays, opinions and personal reflections concerning media, current issues, and whatever strikes my fancy. While the frequency of updates is stated to be every 30 days, the truth is that this will follow whatever inspiration I feel at the moment. In order words: updates will be erratic.
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