Sacret • Legend of Chaos

When Levi woke up, he stood by a campfire and a man watched him. At the same time, his brother had been taken away and turned into a slave. None of them knew about your sister. With their parents and brother dead and now separated, they keep hatred in their chests and rationality in mind. With every past difficulty and terror, it strengthens th...
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Return Of My Wolf

Raven had a normal life. Mum, dad, older brother and a dog. Everything was fine until her dog disappeared and she was left heartbroken, lost without him by her side. Then, when her family died, she realised she was truly alone in the world. So, Raven did what she always did when she didn't know what to do, she ran.
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Inseparably Forgotten

*This is only part of the book. The full version is on Smashwords* Aodhan is the only person in his village who has crossed the Lichway into the woods belonging to the Sidhe and come back alive and sane. It had happened when he was too young to know any better, and after a while, he and everyone else in the village forgot about it. But They did...
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Fox Journal Rebirth

The Journal of Austin that got reborn as a fox Prince in a land of magic and darkness. learn how he suddenly finds himself in a new world trying his best not to get entangled in a web of plots. filled whit magic creation and falling for his childhood friend. Read his Journal to get a third person view of his story... feel free to comment or giv...
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Luck's Curse

There are 3 rules that every Luck Castor must adhere to: 1. For every 3 acts of bad luck you must perform an act of good luck 2. For every act of good luck, you will take the equal bad luck counter upon yourself 3. You must never manipulate luck for your own gain Crowley Wintertowne is a Luck Castor, a group of people who are able to manipulate...
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A Swandi Soldier

The young infantryman Dann travels to a foreign nation together with his companions of the Swandia army. There he will know a whole new world, and also stumble upon a secret that will change his life forever.
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A journey of initiation into the world of Alchemy is about to begin. Tadeo, a young disciple, is about to enter a winding and winding road full of danger from which it is not safe to return. The young aspiring Alchemist will know the secrets kept by the wise men of the hidden world.
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The Tears of the Storm

Eleven nations that had coexisted with relative tranquility, suffering brief and focused wars, would soon be shaken by the winds of the coming storm. A group of young people (and not so young) are gathered by the force of destiny to face a greater danger, than the disputes between the great lords and their palace intrigues. The real enemy rises ...
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Embedded Angel

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Evera is a small town thief who gets saved by a mysterious boy with an unknown past, should she trust him? Will she survive this new adventure that awaits? find out in Embedded Angel
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Heros of stone heart:The beginning

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte In the land of stone heart is being threaten and the ones that can save their world is a group of 7 people. Called the rainbow hoods but will they be able to find each other and stop the dark lord Radcliff. Can a girl named Annie-mal be the leader and save her home. Find out in this series.
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The Knights Square

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A Knight brought to his king is about to face the biggest challenge of his life
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Finally home

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Jazzy moves back to her home town to find that one of the historic homes where she use to play when she was a kids is being torn down, but as she is trying to find a way to stop it.. she finds the house to be as magical as she remembers,.
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I saved a sex slave and she will be my new friend.

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte After defeating the Demon King, the only thing I want is to live a quiet life. A normal life... Although it's harder than I thought. My dream is to have a girlfriend and have friends. As long as I manage to fulfill one of those dreams, I will die happy. One day, I killed a group of bandits and rescued a sex slave. I turned her into a Vampire and...
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Princesses Imprisoned

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte This is the tale of four princesses, who have been imprisoned in a dark castle by a wicked king for years. But what happens when they escape? Will they be able to maintain their freedom with the help of new friends?
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Blurb Everything was happening so fast and it was starting to exhaust me, I had known it's would be scary, I had know it would be hard,But I had not prepared for this. It was very foolish of me, but I still have a lot to learn. Everytime I tried to distance myself from the upcoming horror I was sucked right back in. Everytime I try to cal...
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte In the Kingdom Vayteria, Catherine Blackwood sits high on her throne afraid of no enemy to take her down. During a celebration, she comes across a commonly known thief from the Kingdom Arcella (the wicked land). This thief, as strange as it seems, easies his way into Catherine’s heart. With a murderer on the loose killing off people Catherine ...
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Story of lee

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte This chapter story is about a strange woman who was running from a witch trial and she was accused of being evil. And she goes through many scrutiny and rough obstacles to make it out of the town far away.
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I Reincarnated as an Elf!

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A person lives multiple adventures until the moment of his death, where everything ends ... or does it? What would you do if, after dying, you wake up in the body of a baby? What if neither you nor your parents were human, but elves in a fantasy world? Web novel that deals with the theme of fantastic reincarnation, where a person from our realit...
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Cursed Brand And Virtuous Blade

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A former Prince must protect the Princess of the kingdom that imprisoned him.
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A Hero In Between Dream Lines

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte “We have to make a promise Dawn, we must do,” I nod along with him “Yes…” His minor hand's warm mine, “If one day we separate, that we would find each other again and that we will never stop,” I nod in agreement, “I will never stop Car until I find you again…” He smiles brightly at me, “Me too, princess…” --- A handcuff over my lips softly, “D...
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green spirit (Spirits In The Pleasure)

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte story about spirit was locked up by a mage in cave but for decades no one step inside it , until one day ***************** There is two worlds the second one named by streakke-mond . ***************** Was there spirit called by green spirit for it color , it acqauires the body o...
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The Begining of a new history

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte The begining
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1. Deathly Prince.

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Daryana Markova used to hear these stories about the myths of her kingdom: faes, dragons, supremes, and more creatures that seemed to be taken from fairy tales. But one day, Darya meets someone who will completely change her perception of the world, including her perception of herself, since Daryana is not human as she seems. Daryana is the key ...
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Forged for What?

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte If I am just material, when my body cease his function my existence will end. But If I happened to have a spirit and the fuel of my life is a soul and not just magic... What should I do? Where would I go after this? (This is but an idea for a character for DnD, not a long fantasy story)
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Uma história inspirada por mangas Seinen como Berserk,Vinland Saga,Vagabond,uma história sobre ódio, vingança, depressão, suicídio, amizade,família...
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Aquamarine Sapphire Online

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Aquamarine Sapphire Online is an fanfiction that takes place in the misadventures of Jianguo, Emily, Nate, Yuko, Hyun-a, Evan and Phuong into an MMORPG game, entitled Aquamarine Sapphire. This fanfiction is intended for my MMORPG, and a perfect choice if you're new to the game.
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A Warriors Tale

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Scarlet is a young princess who aspires to be a great warrior and leader for her kingdom, just like her mother was, but after her mothers passing her father forbids her. Her guard Elliot and best friend Violet go on a journey to make her a strong warrior and fight a war which it yet to come.
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Violent Star

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Vill was a blunt, rude boy with ambition for a better future. One day he finds himself a star fragment, a valuable treasure and a source of great power, which left him with joy-ridden. Before he could integrate its power, the fragment got robbed away, leaving him now with a charred left hand. He then lived by repressing his fury through sword ...
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