Someone to You (A Korean TeenFic)

Seo Joon Jae, the average Korean highschool lanky 18-year old who is kinda introverted but has the ability to keep friends. What's more disturbing is the fact that he's gay but doesn't have an idea about his own sexual orientation, which is also kinda weird. When his friend from ten years ago begins to share a room with him, he soon starts to fin…
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All That Glitters

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte "OH YEAH BITE ME!" Jungkook sassily screams at the handsome man, who is lustfully looking at him. "Sure, just spread your legs more, " Taehyung whispers hovering over the beautiful boy who is so wet for him. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Where Jeon Jungkook, lived a life of luxury and had everything he wanted, but love. His parents would abuse him as they said he …
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Ecstasy ~ {JeongChan}

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Yang Jeongin has wanted to become a detective since he was younger and he had just passed his entrance exam to the School of Criminal Justice and Law. After a tearful goodbye to his family and friends, he had a bittersweet ending to his summer break. He is now off to London, where he will stay for the next few years as a detective-in-training. But…
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Principal’s pet

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Just a fanfic I’m writing about me and Principal Weems
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An OC that is an VTuber ( yup ... I'm creative a Kindred ..)

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte It's about an young VTuber who just started his channel like 5 months ago when he turned 19 . He isn't a social confident person and doesn't does collabs often.
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Kurze Geschichten über BTS ships. Alles frei erfunden. Eher romantisch und ohne smut. Hauptsächlich NamJin. Wenn ihr wollt, Könnt ihr mir gerne Bilder schicken und dazu schreibe ich dann was mir einfällt oder ihr schickt mir eure Ideen. -jeden Dienstag ein neues Update- #BTS #NamJin #Namjoon #Seokjin #MINYOONGI #Junghoseok #ParkJimim #KIMNAMJOO…
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Cooking Passion

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Omega Koo moving from his hometown to become a chef, studying and working at the same time, what convinced him it would be easy?
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All love, Yours Mr.Loverman

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte First few chapters are presented in the last years of Hogwarts, others are mails from Sirius to Remus in which they talk about their life, music,work,hobbies and literally EVERYTHING. Trust me you’ll love how basic and heart-opened their conversations are + yes there will be some trauma/sad stuff but not a lot!!! Be prepared for butterflies in yo…
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at the deep blue sea ;; nammin.

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte He loves the sea. It gives him peace in moments of restlessness. Unfortunately, it reminds Nam-joon a lot about him. - angst + mature content. (long distance relationship) - Nammin/Minjoon/Minimoni. (knj + pjm) - one shot. (English + possible Spanish translate) @iMonsterkive. DO NOT COPY/REPOST. DO NOT BE HEAVILY INSPIRED. 05/30/23 ★
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Over you [ChanHo]

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Even after all those years, even after you destroyed my heart and you moved on... I'm not over you. ... It's been five years since Minho's worst heartbreak and just when he thinks it's gonna be easier to move on, Bang Chan reappears in his life as his new coworker. Not only that, but both of them have to…
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Accident With Consequences

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Der Unfall in Imola hatte weitreichendere Folgen als vorerst angenommen. Nachdem George nach dem Rennen von Toto gemassregelt wurde und weder von diesem, noch von seinem Freund Lewis Verständnis, für seinen emotionalen Ausrutscher, erfuhr, kommt es zu einem Zwischenfall, der alle zum Überdenken bringt. Für George hatte der Crash wohl größere gesun…
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Luca x Alberto

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A story of how Luca and Alberto reunite and discover their true feelings for one another.
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Scp-049 x Reader!*•+

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Sooo I saw nothing was on the thing for Scp-049 x reader so here ya go, also it’s SFW so don’t ya worry
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Fußball Kurzgeschichten

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Kleine Geschichten und OneShots über unsere Lieblingsfußballer
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My Spirit Lover

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte It boy love story that one human falls in love with a supernatural being
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Jaylyn's Secrets

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A 16 year old boy who has been all sorts of abused has had the roughest life of all. He's was about to give up on life, till he finds a meaning to live. Will he be able to find out what happened to his father, and live happily, or will death be his calling. Find out in my new book "Jaylyn's Secrets"
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