A Philosophers Search for Meaning Volume Two

This is the beginning of another addition to a philosopher's search for meaning it will include twenty-five microfictions philosophical in nature.
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"The three sisters"

Title: "Whispers of Sisterhood" Summary: "Whispers of Sisterhood" is a heartwarming novel that follows the journey of three sisters, Sumi, Tora, and Fuji, as they navigate the complexities of life after their father's abandonment and their mother's tragic death. Together, they form an unbreakable bond, sharing both joys and sorrows while pursuing…
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A poem

A poem
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Elucidations from Beyond

Phsycographed by Hercílio Maes (1964). In this work, Ramatis simplifies transcendental topics concerning the occult constitution of man. The astral and mental bodies (perispirit), the etheric double and its functions, the description and functioning of the etheric and astral chakras, as well as the concepts of prana, are treated in a didactic man…
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Body Dysmorphic Disorder; Why your self confidence matters

A blog that could possibly help you love yourself, in the process of relating to the feeling of self-hate.
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The Sins you Do♡

What will Robust choose finally???... His past crimes and sins...or...a changed new life?? Let's read to know...♡♡♡
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THE Understanding of the liberal woman

Talking about how the woman in this society is
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Dream Time Awakening

The method of controlling and weilding dreams.
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The Know-it-alls

Quartz thought the world was a boring place until her brother went missing and the police did nothing. Her eyes are soon to be opened to the world she had always lived in but never knew. At first this place seems amazing and all that is until she was tested for what magic she has. She's a Dreamer. The most powerful magicians are Dreamers...and als…
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Collection of Quotes

Personal quotes I have written at different times.
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Moment of Wisdom and Inspired

Moment of Wisdom and Inspired are collections of Vivian's wisdom and insight gained through her faith
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Mind inside mine "The Creeper"

From the mind inside mine series
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Mind inside mine "Menace"

From the mind inside mine series
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Mind inside mine....lost 2

From the mind inside mine series
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Prayer Life

A prayer garden with different prayers suitable for different occasions and different type of human relationships
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One Prayer at a Time

A collection of stories that ends in happiness or mishaps in African spirituality. Rituals are included.
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Deeper intro dreams

Rose is a 10-year-old girl that just lost her parents. It is a difficult life, for such a young woman.
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| Finding You |

" Why does life hurt us so much? More than we can bear?..." Hayah looked into Saira's eyes as she asked the most dreading question in her mind. Saira smiled at her and squeezed her hand gently. " Baby, Life breaks us down, only to show us who we really are.." ____________________________ Saira Abdul Azeez, a psychologist by profession, is the r…
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Love, until you can't anymore

There's a point in life when the only things that make you smile are either something you really love; or someONE you really love. This is about someone.
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INTRODUCING... EYE DROP ( A novel) By Marvie Kings. Find out from the story how a mother turned out to become the murderer of her entire family, how a father took further the mistakes of his wife and how their children ended their lives in regrets. Discover for yourself the hidden danger of impatience. There are many more to learn as you read this…
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The journey is not easy

Motivation about the journey it is not easy but worth it. NEVER GIVE UP
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How to Love Someone Else by Loving Yourself First

The purpose of this document is to not only help me express my feelings and thoughts down on something that I can read back later but it is also something I'm wanting to put together in hopes that I finish it in time before you go to rehab so that you can read one day at a day or at whatever Pace you wish but something that could possibly help re…
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The Invisible Starting Line

Just a short inspirational excerpt to help me start releasing stories.
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To My Busy Mother

This is the heart cry of many teenagers who have been neglected by their parents. This is written to help parents realise that attention is more valuable than resources. God bless
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Sunshine After Clouds

African romantic and inspirational fictional story
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Live in the moment

Live in the moment, to me, means that I’m really there for as many moments as possible, that I’m not checked out because I’m burnt out, that I’m not doing things that I think I should do or whizzing through life checking off all of the to-dos. When I’m standing at Glacier Point I want to really be there.
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As a Man Thinketh. James Allen

Beautiful book that talks about the importance of thinking in the positive transformation of life.
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Forgotten on my Wedding Day

Gina Jones is a devoted young educated lady whose life is not left un touched by misfortune especially when she is forgotten on her wedding before her family and relatives by the love of her life Timie Blake with whom she had been in a relationship for more than 5 years. The latter in her attempt to recover from the emotional trauma vows never to…
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