Crimson Rose Nightmare

In a desolate, old house, where the wind wails mournfully, Mary and John's Valentine's Day takes a chilling turn. As they sit down for a special dinner, shadows dance ominously, revealing a mysterious locket that awakens long-buried nightmares. The haunting melody of a forgotten music box resurfaces, accompanied by a ghostly figure from John's pas…
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Pits and Pitchforks

My name is Wesan, or at least it used to be. For eons I have wandered the earth, crawling under the skin of the miserable to share their pain. ¿Do you know what it's like to live in constant suffering for eternity? Well, you're about to find out. (Side note: English it’s not my first language, so if there’s something wrong, please let me know.)
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This story is about a spirit that kills his target at the struck of midnight, and how some investigators got killed at the process of capturing it but one brave detective, Alex Harper was able to destroy it in the end
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Dark of Days pt.2

The tale of the mysterious cemetery and the ghostly apparition was only the first chapter of a much larger and more enigmatic story, one that would test their friendship and challenge their understanding of the supernatural. The night was far from over, and the friends had unknowingly set themselves on a perilous path that would lead them deeper i…
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The Dark of Days

The tale of the mysterious cemetery and the ghostly apparition was only the first chapter of a much larger and more enigmatic story, one that would test their friendship and challenge their understanding of the supernatural. The night was far from over, and the friends had unknowingly set themselves on a perilous path that would lead them deeper i…
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Fallen Star by Tyler B.

Part of the Universe of TB. Universe A radio station in Bates Creek called Horne Station has brought 3 people to examine the dark past of both the town and their own company. Jason Marlon was hired the most recently to do a paranormal investigation in the radio station where he discovers a secret portion to the building that seems to go on forever. Mark Sullivan used to work at the o…
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The Toll

The Toll is a novel based on the horrific experience of a group of friends who went to an old house to spend their vacation. While the house itself was ordinary looking but the secret it hides were dark, the moment those secrets started unfolding something malevolent also came with that. Now the only question left was if they survive what would th…
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The Lighthouse

A lighthouse isolated stood on an unknown island .
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Don’t Go There

The haunted lighthouse
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Secret of House at End of Street.

"Secret Of House At End Of Street" is a story which chronicles on my own life incident with a hint of fiction, That will keep the readers on their toes. The story itself is not real but the horror it contain is. This story is one of many horrific days that came in my life and might happens in future, WHO KNOWS?
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The Collection of Ghastly Tales to Scare Your Friends With

Hunter L. Rhode’s twisted mind is at it again with this anthology of terrifying stories to tell your friends to.
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The creepy mystery girl

The creepy mystery girl is a ghost who lives in a hunted house with other ghost in that house mean while Mr Smith try's to understand why is he talking to ghost lately He trying to figure out the past of the house while the creepy mystery girl helped Him solve his mystery of the house past Mr Smith talks to the old lady who lives next door by …
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Jack will have to survive against a creature or ghost, will he survive the toughest, most challenging moments of he's life? Or will he's head be ripped off? Who is chasing him? Is it even a ghost? Or a Creature? Or a demon? Find out...
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(1) In the Attic

Something is in the attic. Come up and see, won't you please.
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Red Girl

Dorothy’s family moves to a home that was built in the late 1800s. Dorothy’s family appears as stupid because they were told the house held the ghost of Edith a 10 year old girl who was murdered in the home. Then some tragic events happen and Dorothy tries to stop Edith.
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The Living Dead

Liliana a girl originating from a very wealthy family in town was very popular and envied among her friends! But on a tragic day, she is involved in a mysterious accident which cost her life. Her soul now wanders because she isn't able to access the "other world". When she does a pact with a demon to be granted a second chance to be alive again,…
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(3) Into the Basement

The attic and closet are nothing compared to the Basement.
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The creepy mystery girl

The mystery creepy girl stand in the middle of the rode creeping the person out from their peaceful drive 😕
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The Ballet Teacher

A girl who is practicing her ballet dance, is 'helped' by a former teacher at the school she is attending. Little did she know that the teacher is dead and tying to kill her too
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The Monster Within

The Monster Within
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A Dangerous Love Story

Shikar (A Dangerous Love Story ) Book 1 The story that sweeps through time, Story about love and dignity. Story about a young girl who is mysteriously webbed in her past life, how her own life suffocates her to death and how she manages to escape and fight the evil... She was rich, beautiful, the most lovable girl in the town. She helped her M…
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The Horror Story

The Story is full of tanginess and a shortened drama...!
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The Spirit in the house

We moved to anew house. But a Spirit is living there.
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A palace under the curse of the devil, which has taken many lives. Many secrets are hidden in that palace. What will happen to Richard Telion, who is living with his family in that palace, unaware of all these things?
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Die schwarze Katze

Diese Geschichte ist ein Werk des Schrifstellers Edgar Allan Poe. Daß man den so unheimlichen und doch so natürlichen Geschehnissen, die ich jetzt berichten will, Glauben schenkt, erwarte ich nicht, verlange es auch nicht. Ich müßte wirklich wahnsinnig sein, wenn ich da Glauben verlangen wollte...
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Pink Nostalgia

Denise and her family moved to a new apartment inside a mysterious villa owned by her father's employer. But the place seemed familiar. A link to a past life she could no longer recall. Only the small voices around her and that familiar strange feeling she has could tell that she'd been here before, in a different time. What is her connection wit…
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The Haunted Evening

A usual evening turned into the most haunting experience.
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The best ghost stories

By: Various Authors
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