Fading Magic Chronicles

In the heart of the Enchanted Forest, where moonlight weaves through ancient trees and fairies dance on the delicate balance of magic, a looming mystery threatens to plunge their world into darkness. As the mystical Heartstone fades, alliances fracture, and secrets surface, the fairies embark on a quest to save their realm. In a tale woven with in…
#3 in Fantasy Kurzgeschichte 2.4k Abrufe 22 22 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Die Seherin von Darblon

(Ankündigung des eBooks.) Seid Davide denken konnte wusste er etwas, was er niemals einer Menschenseele anvertrauen würde. Doch die Hexenkönigin und Seherin von Darblon vom Wald der Finsternis "auf dem anderen Planeten" ist ihm dicht auf den Fersen. Bis Davide es ihr heimzahlen will denn die Seherin von Darblon hat ihn etwas weggenommen.
1 Kapitel 3.3k Abrufe 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

A Dark Evening

A story of revenge, about envy and magic. Two kings looking for some power against their loved ones.
Kurzgeschichte 3.8k Abrufe 1 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Comtesse Külm von Tooglom (Fantasy)

(Ankündigung des eBooks) Dorian hatte viele seltsamen Begabungen. Eine davon war so laut und schrill zu singen, dass die Gläser der Fenster seiner Tante Heda Armstrong in viele Scherben zerbrachen. Doch eine Begegnung ließ ihn nicht unverschont. Die Begegnung mit jemanden der ihn ins Land der vielen seltsamen Leute entführte. Doch um zurückzukehre…
1 Kapitel 4.0k Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Pact of Shadows

English translation of "El Pacto de las Sombras." In a world shrouded in darkness, David makes a sinister pact to gain the power to bring back the light. However, his noble heart contends with the malevolence of the wizard who bestows the power upon him. Trapped in a spiral of servitude, David seeks a way to free himself and redeem his soul. With…
#4 in Fantasy Kurzgeschichte 7.1k Abrufe 30 32 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Gerti's Tavern

Part of the Universe of El Libro en Blanco Welcome to Gerti's Tavern! Here, you'll experience the busiest routine in Clena, the hometown of Farg, the protagonist of "The Blank Book: The Almsman." If you want to immerse yourself in the daily lives of the owners of this old establishment, both during the events leading up to the novel and parallel to it, all you have to do is step inside. En…
33 KAPITEL 13.3k Abrufe 81 17 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Two-Headed Dragon

A GTP-generated story about a duel between a mage knight and a two-headed dragon
1 Kapitel 5.8k Abrufe 19 25 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Lüsterne Schatten - Part 2

Fortsetzung der emotionalen Geschichte, welche Amalies Leben komplett auf den Kopf stellt. Wird sie es doch noch schaffen Mr. Wulf bei seiner Herrschaft über die Welt aufzuhalten? Wer ist der Fremde, welcher sie heimlich rettet und beobachtet? So viele Fragen...
10 KAPITEL 5.7k Abrufe 4 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Lüsterne Schatten Vs. 2021

!!Überarbeitete Version verfügbar!! Eine typische Mädchen versucht Welt zu retten Geschichte. Allerdings nicht vor einer Apokalypse, Naturkatastrophen oder einem wahnsinnigen Millionär mit übertriebenem Ego. Obwohl, so einen unterschätzten Psychopathen mit seiner arroganten Handlangergruppe gibt es da schon... Frauen sollen auf äußerst aggressiv…
39 KAPITEL 6.2k Abrufe 39 3 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Celestial Warriors of the Seven Chakras

"The Seven Chakra Warriors" is an epic fantasy adventure that follows the journey of seven brave warriors who are tasked with saving the world from an evil force threatening to destroy it. Each warrior represents and harnesses the power of one of the seven chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. As they travel…
8 KAPITEL 3.2k Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Lord Darius Knight

In a tale of two disparate individuals, "A Vampire Lord and a Hopeless Heiress" follows the story of Kate Aims and Darius, whose paths collide at a lavish ballroom gala. Kate's mundane existence is shattered when she is thrust into a world of supernatural beings, forcing her to flee from both bloodthirsty creatures and merciless hunters. However, …
3 KAPITEL 5.3k Abrufe Neues Kapitel Every week

Tales of Agartha: Ye Who Yearns For Thine Hero

The Hero saves everyone but who saves the Hero? A topic often left out in historical text that is now unearthed with the Epics of Agartha, a World within a World. Following the Tales of Aria Greaves, She who Yearns for her Hero and Ozark Erebus, The Noble house Slayer in search of answers.
1 Kapitel 706 Abrufe 1 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Hunter Academy

Lilian Evergreen is a fresh vampire. She was recently bitten and underwent the change. Now she is sent to a special school where she will learn how to control herself and her new found powers.
6 KAPITEL 3.1k Abrufe 1 Neues Kapitel Every week

Lie the heart away

There are truths that are simple, insignificant even. And then there is the truth of what I feel when I see her. A truth that would cost me everything, leaving me with the wish to lie my heart away.
2 KAPITEL 2.9k Abrufe 8 5 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Where We're At

Ethan Knight decides to join the Navy SEALS, but just as he finishes basic training, he's thrust into World War Three, there he finds the supernatural real, and he's mated to a werewolf.
3 KAPITEL 856 Abrufe 3 Neues Kapitel Alle 15 Tage

The beginning Daniela Rinartti ( versión en ingles)

It's my story, I'm Italian Daniela in love with a Spanish girl. Married in real and fictitious acts,
19 KAPITEL 693 Abrufe 6 3 Neues Kapitel Jeden Samstag

Bleeding Gold

Part of the Universe of Erydoria Landon Winters is an assassin, but when he gets hired as a bodyguard, his world flips out of control, can he manage to reign in control?
10 KAPITEL 1.8k Abrufe 1 4 Neues Kapitel Alle 15 Tage

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Enchanting realm

A girl who went to an enchanted realm
3 KAPITEL 1.5k Abrufe 4 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Enchantyon: Trouble In Vinterlund

Following the events of “Enchantyon: The Cost The Elves Must Bear,”… The Jördlands are infected with turmoil. When Mox Magnusson and what remains of her band of runaways escape into the Jördlands of Northern Tesardess, they are hunted by a relentless pair of vampires and their hordes of enslaved thralls and undead warriors. And as the manhunt prop…
#2 in Fantasy 10 KAPITEL 49.9k Abrufe 19 26 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Compendium Effect

Enter a universe in which four surviving members of the remnant of an ancient Anu delegation, Cade, Maramore, Chloe & Tolen; an empath, an assassin, a priestess and an alchemist search for the elusive First Iteration of Earth, in the hope that making changes there, will restore the ecosystems of its sister worlds, a system of interactive realities…
5 KAPITEL 2.2k Abrufe Neues Kapitel Alle 15 Tage

The Krampus Comes to Evergreen

The Krampus Title: "Evergreen's Redemption: Unleashing the Holiday Spirit" Description: "Evergreen's Redemption: Unleashing the Holiday Spirit" is an enchanting tale that follows the journey of three friends—Alex, Emily, and Ben—as they embark on a quest to restore the holiday spirit in their town. Evergreen, once a place filled with joy and lau…
5 KAPITEL 8.4k Abrufe 8 3 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The (Un)Wonted´s

Eine futuristische Welt voller Magie und übernatürlichen Superkräften. Die Möglichkeit besitzen, das gesamte Universum zu bereisen und die kuriosesten Gestalten kennenzulernen. Klingt cool, kann aber auch ganz schön scheiße sein. Dicy, Eddy und V haben nur einander und zusammen versuchen sie, ihr bis dato so bescheidenes Leben auf die Reihe zu kri…
22 KAPITEL 3.1k Abrufe 1 Neues Kapitel Jeden Freitag


Five for one, the other for another. Confusing right? Dear reader, what you are about to read is not just a story that has fantasy in it or whatsoever. This story is an entry to a world of the impossibilities. Where music is full of joy and it conquers all. A place where there were 6 legends of music who died, though they were never found. Till an…
3 KAPITEL 2.8k Abrufe 4 4 Im Fortschritt

Cost and Time

Viktor is a slave with a lost past and future, at the service of his master and whatever he demands, but a dangerous discovery will change his life. PD: No se ingles, solo hice la historia y el traductor Deepl lo tradujo por mi, asique no se si algo se tradujo mal. Link: https://www.deepl.com/es/translator#es/en/PD%3A%20No%20se%20ingles%2C%20solo%…
Kurzgeschichte 2.8k Abrufe 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Harmony's Awakening

The story starts as Emily discovers a forgotten symphony that grants her the ability to control nature's elements. As she explores this newfound power, experimenting with it like magic, the world undergoes extraordinary transformations. However, an antagonist emerges, plotting to steal Emily's extraordinary abilities and disrupt the harmony she cr…
#5 in Fantasy 5 KAPITEL 5.4k Abrufe 15 8 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Sonora and the secret Of note

In the musical city of Melodia, where everyone possesses a musical gift, Sonora stands out as the only one without any musical talent. Enduring mockery and disdain, she aspires to create an exceptional melody for the Melodia High School competition. Her life takes a magical turn when she discovers a note, the "Key of G," unlocking an extraordinary…
1 Kapitel 7.8k Abrufe 2 5 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Der Wolf Clan | Die Große Reise (Band 4)

Nach Dem Die Berglöwen Anführerin Schattenmond die beiden Clans aus dem Großen Wald vertrieben hatte Herrschten Die Löwen über den Ganzen Wald. Der Wolf Clan flüchtete sich auf die Große und Lange Reise zum Grünen Thal. Auf die Hoffnung das Mondschein und Graufuss den Maya Clan finden. Und sie in ihr Altes Zuhause zurückgekehren können. Bis dah…
7 KAPITEL 3.0k Abrufe 6 5 Neues Kapitel Everyday


After receiving a cursed object, Dante's life is changed... FOREVER!!!.
#9 in Fantasy 8 KAPITEL 11.1k Abrufe 14 7 Abgeschlossene Geschichte