Where We're At

Ethan Knight decides to join the Navy SEALS, but just as he finishes basic training, he's thrust into World War Three, there he finds the supernatural real, and he's mated to a werewolf.
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The beginning Daniela Rinartti ( versión en ingles)

It's my story, I'm Italian Daniela in love with a Spanish girl. Married in real and fictitious acts,
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Bleeding Gold

Part of the Universe of Erydoria Landon Winters is an assassin, but when he gets hired as a bodyguard, his world flips out of control, can he manage to reign in control?
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Compendium Effect

Enter a universe in which four surviving members of the remnant of an ancient Anu delegation, Cade, Maramore, Chloe & Tolen; an empath, an assassin, a priestess and an alchemist search for the elusive First Iteration of Earth, in the hope that making changes there, will restore the ecosystems of its sister worlds, a system of interactive realities…
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The (Un)Wonted´s

Eine futuristische Welt voller Magie und übernatürlichen Superkräften. Die Möglichkeit besitzen, das gesamte Universum zu bereisen und die kuriosesten Gestalten kennenzulernen. Klingt cool, kann aber auch ganz schön scheiße sein. Dicy, Eddy und V haben nur einander und zusammen versuchen sie, ihr bis dato so bescheidenes Leben auf die Reihe zu kri…
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Five for one, the other for another. Confusing right? Dear reader, what you are about to read is not just a story that has fantasy in it or whatsoever. This story is an entry to a world of the impossibilities. Where music is full of joy and it conquers all. A place where there were 6 legends of music who died, though they were never found. Till an…
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Der Wolf Clan | Die Große Reise (Band 4)

Nach Dem Die Berglöwen Anführerin Schattenmond die beiden Clans aus dem Großen Wald vertrieben hatte Herrschten Die Löwen über den Ganzen Wald. Der Wolf Clan flüchtete sich auf die Große und Lange Reise zum Grünen Thal. Auf die Hoffnung das Mondschein und Graufuss den Maya Clan finden. Und sie in ihr Altes Zuhause zurückgekehren können. Bis dah…
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How to Train Your Dragon

Part of the Universe of Valerix Ashley is a 16-year-old who lives on the island of Berk among Vikings and the Dragons that constantly attack at night. However, when one of the young teens captures a Night Fury, Ashley goes onward to help keep a secret of such a species, but also have a few secrets of her own that may change the fate of Man and Dragon forever.
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Queen Of The Underworld

You've heard the Greek mythology story about Hades and Persephone. Well, here's a different version: Korey 'Persephone' Jones was one of the best florists in town. At 24 she is working for the best flower shop in town and stumbles upon a cave to a whole new world. After being employed by Wade Wilson, not everything is as it seems, Korey discove…
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Die Hüterin der Wasser Drachen

Akiry lebt im westlichen Wasser Tempel der Wayanar. jeder Wayanar muss im Alter von Achtzehn Jahren die Prüfung zur Hüter/in absolvieren. denn im Wasser Tempel leben die Zwei Drachen Mayanar und Larussu Doch Akiry zweifelt langsam an der Existenz der Drachen. und an sich selbst. Sie will die zwei Drachen heimlich suchen gehen wenn der r…
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The Tales of the Ganvadels

The thrilling stories of a group of adventurers known as the Ganvadels.
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Das Vermächtnis der Magye

In einer Welt voller Magie begibt sich ein außergewöhnlicher junger Mann mit seinen Freunden, durch Visionen geplagt, auf die Suche nach einem geheimnisvollen Portal zu einem uralten Volk. Freundschaft , Verrat und viele Gefahren warten auf sie. Verfolgt von rätselhaften schwarzgewandeten Verfolgern , wird seine Reise schnell zum Kampf auf Lebe…
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The Alpha

Benjamin Black was the alpha, the leader of the Montana pack. When his mate was kidnapped, his wolf took charge, determined to tear the heads off those responsible. Because Benja had a secret; he and his wolf, Onix, were not one but two distinct beings cohabiting, sharing mind and body. Claire welcomed him into this new world, filled with dangerou…
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Playing with Fire

Angel is a small town girl that has always been more on the introverted side but that just might change by the end of summer... At the beginning of summer break she is looking forwards to hanging out with friends and going to parties but before all of that happens a accident accrues. Her eyes are opened to a new world full of magic and danger. An…
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The Skins we live

In the world of the Bamberg mansion, where magic and ancient legacies reign, an extraordinary tale unfolds. Arthur, born without the coveted magical mark, becomes the center of a family's concern and intrigue. As he grows up in the secluded shadows of the Church of the Three Lights, Arthur's silent presence conceals a dormant power within him—the …
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Rosa Stanley - your completely average girl. But when she starts to unravel both her past and others, she finds truths that could shake the foundations of her world. And what of Adrian Moonscarr, the boy with more than a few secrets in his past? Will he prove to be a friend, or an increasingly dangerous enemy? Join Rosa and Adrian as they seek t…
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Autumn Pearl | Book 1 of the Enchanted Seasons Series

Book 1 of the🍁𝓔𝓷𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓭 𝓢𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓸𝓷𝓼 𝓢𝓪𝓰𝓪🍁 Claire Amber Rosenthal is a normal girl - until she discovers that she has to decide the fate of the seasons. Together with her new friends Rosemay, Elliot and Anthony, Claire has to conquer many tasks to save the little village Northwick. The she-wolf Walentina - the Spirit of Autumn - will help her on the wa…
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1st Christmas: Faries

Part of the Universe of 1 Christmas When the Water, Fire, and Earth faries are Defeated by the termines A baby girl with both wind and earth powers is born. Her mother. The last wind faire uses all of her magic to put The information The termines are after in a snowball. Then she creates 99 replicas and uses her last bit of magic to scatter them into 100 different universes. Her dea…
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Blood Lust

Desperation fueled every step as I fled through the dense forest, the relentless pursuit of the Lycans closing in behind me. My heart raced, and my breath came in ragged gasps, each footfall a frantic plea for salvation. The moonlight played tricks through the trees, casting eerie shadows that seemed to reach out for me. Every time I heard a twig …
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~English version of "Ve Lanet Sona Erer"~ A lonely wizard prince who has escaped from his father and a witch who wants to end the curse and seek revenge for herself and all the witches and wizards... Old friends and new enemies, heart-shattering loves, power-hungry traitors, magical cruises, bloody balls, wars, ending curses... "Bloodywings are…
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Astralis, a realm woven from the threads of light and shadow, stands at the crossroads of magic and destiny. Its borders echo with the whispers of ancient trees and the soft rustling of leaves, a symphony of nature's secrets. High spires of crystalline elegance rise above the lush landscapes, while shadowy forests conceal their mysteries in the de…
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The Place Where I Belong

Title: The Place Where I Belong Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Travel Through Time Summary: What would you do? When you found out that apparently, you are living in a two different worlds and two different lives at the same time? What will be your choice if you have been given a chance to choose between those two worlds? Would it be the past …
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FORBIDDEN: A Vampire Falls In Love With A Werewolf

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Elven Gambit

A queer romance set in the casinos of Las Vegas featuring a psychic detective as a tortured hero. When he seeks adventure, he finds it in the form of a cabal of ageless elves enchanting the casino goers. Running into an airplane thief, he isn't sure whether to turn him in or fall in love.
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Rapture of the Daedlands

Part of the Universe of The World of Raul - The Daedlands An anthology of survivor stories penned by Ordo Amni, with tales of loss, life, and the end of all things. Praise Gythanka!
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The Daedlands: Adapting a magical catastrophe for your game

Part of the Universe of The World of Raul - The Daedlands Your Primer to the Daedlands and the world of Raul - it's civilizations, maladies and gods, complete with system agnostic information for inclusion into your fantasy RPG worlds. Please refer to our release tags for more information on how things are being play tested and balanced.
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Poseidon - Fallen God

Poseidon. He was the god of earthquakes and oceans. Until that day. Mount Olympus was shaken by a cunning uprising, orchestrated to overthrow Zeus from his throne. All blame fell upon Poseidon, Zeus's brother, whose power was a match for the mighty king of the gods. His punishment was swift and severe. The Olympian gods witnessed him fall from the…
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Sunstone: First of the Rueman Hearts

Brenaia; one of the last two remaining land masses that emerged from the ocean when the Era of the Cristel Hearts began. Rashkin; a bloodline that ruled over Rueman for thousands of years as they sat on the Sunstone Throne of Ruel. Found themselves deposed as the regecide saw them fall one by one on the blades of the Frége supporters. Rueman; the …
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