Revolution of Self-Love

English Translation of "Revolución del Amor Propio" Sofía, devastated by a heartless rejection, spirals into the depths of bulimia. In the hospital, she crosses paths with Andrés, a fellow warrior in the battle against their inner demons. Together, they confront various hurdles, including the unexpected return of the person who caused Sofía so muc…
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Broken Horizons

In a tranquil coastal town in Chile, Valentina and her twin sister Daniela lead ordinary lives—until a devastating earthquake shatters their world. As chaos ensues, the sisters must navigate the wreckage, facing harrowing challenges and forging unbreakable bonds of resilience. Will they find the strength to survive amidst the ruins, or will the af…
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The Ladykiller Continuation two

Lisa Village's life became darker when her relationship with Jacob turned into something more. In addition, the Ladykiller is close on her trail and lurks around every corner for her. But then Lena shows up again, the ex-fiancée of Jakob. Whether it's a happy coincidence or not, Lena Katja Ross saves Lisa's life. "Tu n'as rien à faire avec Jacob",…
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Sunset Reckoning: The Fragile Threads of Friendship

Ashley and Marcus, once inseparable, navigate the challenges of growing apart. A chance to rebuild their friendship arises, but a looming departure threatens to unravel their renewed bond.
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Das Wasser der Seele

Das Wasser der Seele beschreibt die Geschichte von Cedrik Zoo. In seinem Leben zählt nur "Erfolg". Doch der krankhafte perfektionistische Ehrgeiz macht ihn wahnsinnig. Bis zu dem Tag an dem er eine Rechnung begleichen muss. Die schwerste Rechnung seines Lebens. Doch kaum in dem Haus seiner Eltern zurück, haucht ihm die tragische Vergangenheit sei…
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Das Wasser der Seele

(Ankündigung des Ebook). Das Wasser der Seele beschreibt die Geschichte von Cedrik Zoo. In seinem Leben zählt nur "Erfolg". Doch der krankhafte perfektionistische Ehrgeiz macht ihn wahnsinnig. Bis zu dem Tag an dem er eine Rechnung begleichen muss. Die schwerste Rechnung seines Lebens. Doch kaum in dem Haus seiner Eltern zurück, haucht ihm die tr…
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Emma und der Konsument

Der Skiurlaub in Österreich gestaltete sich alles andere als - schön. Sowie Emma die Wahrheit über Erik erfuhr.
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Der Kelch

Romy Roses Leben nahm eine drastische Wendung als sie den Mann ihrer Träume begegnete. Simon Drake. Doch als sie mit Simon Drake an die Bretagne fuhr um sich in drei Wochen Urlaub zu erholen traf Romy jemanden den sich nicht vorgestellt hatte je wieder zu begegnen. Und dann nahm Romys Zukunft eine andere Gestalt an. Doch schließlich geschah etwas …
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Lost Memories, Interconnected Destinies

English translation of "Recuerdos Perdidos, Destinos Entrelazados". Alexia immerses herself in an unknown world. Her memories fade away, but a necklace and a name, Dante, draw her toward a forgotten past. The story unfolds amidst a special friendship, a declaration of love, and a mysterious accident. As she confronts her past, Alexia embarks on a …
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Tear Drops On Ferns

A heart felt story of a woman that loses her husband and attempts to cope with life without him
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The city of Echoes

In a bleak dystopian future, society is governed by an oppressive regime that erases memories deemed dangerous to them. Your protagonist stumbles upon a forgotten library that holds books containing the memories of the world before the regime's control.
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Mob Heiress

After all those years locked in that basement being raped and beaten every second of our lives, we managed to escape from that disgusting place where we had been since we were six and seven years old and our parents sold us for a little money to get cocaine. Everyone who saw us on the street turned away from us, they didn’t care that we were all b…
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Mission Willfred Origins: Going to Mile

Part of the Universe of Mission: Willfred Amy is a teenager with a head full of dreams and a fueled want to be famous. When staying with her father in Nevada, she meets her Idol and father's boss, Miles Axelrod, a billionaire Oil Baron who's company sits on thin ice due to the Electric fuel shift.
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Hwarang Vengeance by Tyler B.

Part of the Universe of TB. Universe Ryu Jong Soo locates his next target. A terrible plot unfolds in this short story of his family history and new traditions of a Hwarang syndicate that does not value what the original Hwarang knights. Ryu must learn to manage his anger and kill ethically to bring peace and honor to himself.
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Damage Control

Title: Damage Control Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Race Against Time Summary: When tragedy strikes, two strangers find themselves thrown together in the midst of chaos. Despite their vastly different lives and personalities, they must put aside their differences and work together to confront the crisis at hand. As they race against time to c…
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Without You

Title: Without You Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Where Do Broken Hearts Go Summary: Have you ever love someone you didn't want to fall in love with from the beginning? What if you discovered the love of your life? But suddenly, in a blink of an eye, it all shattered into a million pieces. Where do you go from here? Where do broken hearts g…
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Der Weg der sich im Dunkeln verlor Band 2

Ayleen ahnte nicht dass Stefe Dermont ihr etwas verheimlichte. Doch dann auf ihrer Wanderung in den Bergen kam es heraus und sie wollte ihren Ohren nicht trauen. Doch es war die Wahrheit.
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The path that was lost in the dark

Ayleen Martin was head over heels in love with the handsome Stefe Dermont who saved her life in an accident in the mountains. But when she found out who Stefe was and what kind of existence he led, she was deeply surprised. Could her secret love for him finally open his eyes or would he want to stay in the public spotlight forever?
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Hubris and Devotion

Elea's journey led her to a certain place. She now had to decide whether to be submissive or arrogant to her mischievous brother Sebastian. But when she suddenly saw him again, she had not expected any result and the reserved horse whisperer Kai helped her to finally come to terms with her life. But he paid a very high price for it.
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Anne hatte das Leben übel mitgespielt und sie war nach Alaska geflüchtet. Doch eines hatte sie das Leben daraufhin gelehrt nämlich weiterzugehen und noch etwas anderes.
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Der Ladykiller Band 2.

Lisa Villages Leben bekam Schattenseiten als aus der Beziehung zu Jakob mehr wurde. Zudem ist der Ladykiller ihr dicht auf den Fährten und lauert hinter jeder Ecke auf sie. Doch da taucht wieder Lena auf, die Ex Verlobte von Jakob. Ob es ein glücklicher Zufall ist oder nicht, Lena Katja Ross rettet Lisa das Leben. "Tu n'as rien à faire avec Jacob…
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The Ladykiller

Jonathan the Ladykiller... Even today Lisa Villages can clearly remember the handsome charmer but the years have already forgotten all the pain but when she travels for the first time in over twenty years as a known woman back to the remote village of her youth to a funeral in which she had escaped the misfortune breath close, something incredible…
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With her memory lost Amelia embarks on the journey of finding out more about her past. With each new discovery brings a painful memory about her past. Will she be able to overcome and begin her life again or will she drown in the painful memories of her past?
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A story about an seventeen year old girl who is bound to be married, but doesn't know that her future husband is not who he says he is. Her husband's half brother, Kyle, tries to warn her, but she has to find out when she is married, in which there is no escape.
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[ENG] Element/Incitator

Martin Deeplet is accused of the alleged induced suicide of one of his classmates and must prove his innocence to avoid deportation. The government and the school launch an experimental investigation method in which he must speak with people close to the victim for three months. Will he be able to prove his innocence, and what secrets are hidden b…
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Royal Covers

The royal children have to hide their identity at the High School. It becomes difficult when lovers and haters come in the way. You, Annabella, go to school with your brother and sister against your will. Something is going on that Queen Nawal is hiding and it is linked with sending you away for sure.
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Bad Boys In Town

Title: Bad Boys In Town Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Bad Boys In Town Summary: In the shroud of night, the very air seemed to hold its breath, foretelling an imminent storm of chaos. Within the confines of an alley, its brick walls casting elongated shadows, Jameson, the unyielding leader of the Bad Boys, stood like a sentinel. His eyes, shar…
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Mayhem of Mustang

A true set of events that took place in a small town in Oklahoma.
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