Dial Aimee For Murder

Aimeeka Marlowe has landed herself in hot water after her antics in New York. Now she has been sent away to live with her aunt with a one warning. Don't solve anything. But it's so hard in a city full of the people she hates. Rich people who get away with everything. Even murder. And now she can't not get involved. Especially with a special case f…
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Jayden Lockwood wasn’t in for a relationship with Michelle from the beginning. He was a divorced man. He had the fame and money and that was the only thing that mattered to him. He decided to lure her into his clutches after he realized that she was just one of those crazy fans of his who would gladly flaunt themselves at him for his attention b…
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Gramel? 99% genes are proven to be psychopaths but what of the other 1%, funny to think that, that 1% are geniuses, so why can't I be a genius. Oh the crimes, a genius can kill too?
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John Depp Special Agent: Deadly Pride

Part of the Universe of John Depp, Special Agent RELEASED ON JUNE, 9 AS A CELEBRATION OF JOHNNY DEPP'S BIRTHDAY. This is a series of books dedicated to Johnny Depp. This is the type of character I would like to see Johnny perform in a movie. In these books, Johnny is a divorced FBI special agent and a former Texas Ranger living in DC. He has been demoted and now works on cold cases, but he still…
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𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚃𝚛𝚊𝚐𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚘𝚏 𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚠𝚘𝚘𝚍

Journey through the thoughts of Alexander Moore, a orphaned teen, to find the killer who shot your parents. Read as he meets new peoples, witnesses crazy & awkward events. (Side note: I'm just realized that this is kinda sounding like Batman)
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"The Katie Becker Diaries" is a captivating series that chronicles the life of a young girl, brimming with love, loss, crime, and a plethora of other experiences. This enthralling series takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of Katie's life, as she navigates through various challenges and obstacles. With each book, you'll be drawn deepe…
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Sollte ich...?

Begleite einen Mörder. Triff Entscheidungen. Wer wird sein nächstes Opfer sein. Du hast die Wahl. Sollte ich...? Ich freue mich über Feedback.
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It Takes two to tango

The story revolves around the lives of two individuals who are connected by the same desire: to find the people who murdered their parents. Leonardo Spencer, 29 years old guy who lost both his parents at the age of 10, in a plane crash. He was taken to an orphanage and later adopted by the famous businessman, Diego Rodriguez. He changed his name…
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Minute Killing

I felt the need to challenge myself, writing a crime/police story without planning too much stuff, using english, which is not my first language. This story will dive you into a detective's mind, trying to find out the solution of a crime series while struggling with his own past. The book cover is also created by the author. Feel free to comme…
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A Perfect Crime

A detective must solve the perfect crime.
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Inmate #1374: Joyce

Joyce has a habit, a very bad one. One that is frowned upon by most of society. She likes to murder. It all started with a boy she hated, then spiraled out of control. Before Joyce even knew what was happening she was in jail. I would like to note that this is a rough draft/truncated version of this story. There are spelling and grammar errors am…
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The Dark evil

Hope you will enjoy the story. If any suggestions please comment.
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The Dark evil

Arjun life changes upside down when he decides to help his childhood one-sided love who was stuck in a problem. Hope that you will enjoy the story . If any changes please comment
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For who is the danger?

I am writing this for one of the competitions Started writing on the sixth of January
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On the edge

In a inner city full of crime drugs and chaos. An aspiring highschool basketball star is trying to make a way out of poverty with his talent. With a good hard working single father in his corner pushing him it seems destine for him to be great .But in a city full of vultures drugs and peer pressure he's struggling trying to stay focused on his dre…
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A Crime of Passion

A murder. A love affair. An obsession. Will Detective Matthew Gyatt and town Police Chief Bianca Marilyn find the killer? Will they be in time to save the town of Carton from a serial killer in the making?
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The Perfect Goodbye

A detective begins his investigation into the woman's disappearance after discovering the old case file.
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Fellow Gentlemen.

This consortium of highly trained, self-taught assassins always get the job done for the right price, but when an unknown enemy successfully got their boss killed, his right-hand man is now the boss, being trusted to lead the consortium, but is his head next in the crosshairs? They will have to make sure the boss’s killer is dealt with appropriate…
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The Magic Knife

Zoe finds a knife but it's not as it seems. Will Zoe find out where it came from read on to find out?!
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Catch Me

She stops in her tracks and glances at Black-figure “You know what they say about you, Black Figure?”Black-figure snickers, “Tell me something I don’t know,” She makes her way over to the black figure, throwing her perfectly build figure around, and flipping her black shining pony to the other side. “That you kill for pleasure…” ---
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Filthy Dark Secrets

Every hero has a villainous side which becomes a FILTHY DARK SECRET. ___________________________________________ "Don't worry, you are safe here Miss Alpha ." He said while pulling on the chains and making sure they were securely locked. "Don't worry? You fucking chained me to this chair and you are pointing a damn knife at me, Mr. Mikaelson. …
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Dying To Be With You

An Erotic Street Thriller... (Fictional City of Phylicia, CA) Just released from prison, Calum "CeCe" Cox reluctantly returns to a life of crime, lust, and sex... (Under Construction)
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Shouldn't of trusted her...

In Japan the boy named George and his beautiful girl friend named Grace had a terrible break up after George found out Grace & 3 other people had been the one to kill his brother. George had made his life only focus on why they did it and who where the other people.
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Shadow in the Dark

A man's life changed forever when he lost his brother in a tragic accident.He tried to find the culprit who destroyed his family. On the other hand, he tries to put the pieces together. Everyone in the town is a suspect, and he doesn't know who to trust. 
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A Cold Night of December

A police officer discovers a man in the woods in peculiar circumstances, and they try to determine if he is the victim or the assailant.
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People Like Us

You live, never knowing who you are or what you're here for. And then you die, preferably young, with a powdered nose and a gut full of lead and booze
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The Case Files of Edward Blakthorn

Hardboiled detective Sam Spade...er no...Dick Tracy... no wait...Edward Blackthorn has opened up a few of his 9ld case files to share with us the public. So grab a seat, and take a trip through memory lane with one hard nosed detective who never did learn to take no for an answer,
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Dark Promises

Selfish, self-interested, Mariah McCord wanted to have a child. Her useless, unambituous husband, Jackson was sterile, so she soon started looking elsewhere. What she didn't Bank on was that the man who would grant her fondest wish wasn't a man at all, but one of Satan's most trusted Generals, Azael. The male child, half human Half demon began e…
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