Whispers of Love and Silence

In the heart of a bustling city, Vanessa and Justin collide in a chance encounter that sparks a love story filled with laughter, dreams, and shared silence. As their connection deepens, unforeseen shadows cast a veil over their once vibrant relationship. In this poignant tale of love and loss, follow their journey through the winding streets of a …
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Midnight Reverie

Amidst the lively New Year's Eve celebrations in the city, a heartfelt journey unfolds over 24 hours. From a chance encounter in a sunlit park to an unplanned detour through an art gallery, a culinary adventure, and a moonlit stroll, emotions deepen. The revelatory confession sets the stage for a midnight climax on a rooftop as the new year dawns,…
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Lend me your boyfriend

Nothing good can come out of your friend asking you to borrow your boyfriend, and Maria is going to find out in the worst possible way. Jane is convinced that Maria was lucky to have found a partner like Noah and that she deserves someone like him in her life too, as he is the boyfriend her mother would certainly approve of. And if he can't reall…
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The price of the past

She is known as the Ice Queen in the corporate social circles of Nashville, Tennessee. Those who gossip about C.J. Bostworth are unaware of what lies behind her cold and distant façade. After a dreadful marriage in which deception and pain were the main ingredients, C.J. shows herself merciless in a business world managed by men. She won’t let any…
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True or Dare

Title: True or Dare Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Expect The Unexpected Summary: He was the black sheep of the family. The one that always get into trouble. Who never does anything right. A happy-go-lucky, bratty, rich kid. What will happen if he met his match? Chaos ensues, of course. In a world of opulence and privilege, he was the prodigal…
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The Moon Child

Title: The Moon Child Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Moon Star Lovers Summary: Once upon a time. There was a Moon Star Lover. Who defies death for their love for each other. He was the Son of the Moon. A Moon Child. She was the Daughter of the Star. A Star Child. They met and fall in love with each other. But someone wants to ruin and tak…
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The Lost And Forgotten Memories

It seems like just recently Daniel Perkins was rocking the stage on alongside Terrence MacClife, Edward MacClife, and Peter Rose and thought he was unbelievably lucky to date a girl like Anna Seymour. But one fateful day, he loses his memory after an unknown incident and does not recognize his best friends. Any attempts to bring his memories back …
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Our Next Meeting

Young and Rich, what more do you want from life? But 'Sparkle' wants true love. Despite all of her insecurities, will she come in terms to let true love enter her life?
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The Broken Hearts Story

The maniacal obsession with the career is the reason why the relationship between the model, Raquelle Cameron, and the actor, Terrence MacClife is on the brink of collapse, even if their friends and relatives consider this couple perfect. The appearance of Simon Ringer in their lives reveals all the problems that they did not want to notice under …
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The Secrets Hidden In The Scars

After deciding on their feelings, Raquelle Cameron and Terrence MacClife still remain the symbol of wild passion, but they are learning to listen and support each other. Meanwhile, the relationship between Natalia Rochester and Edward MacClife is on the brink of collapse. Using the experience from the past, Raquelle and Terrence are trying to help…
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Accidentally In Love

Title: Accidentally In Love Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Expect The Unexpected Summary: There were two different people. Two different lifestyle. One has came from a wealthy family. A Perfect Grades. A Perfect Friends. A Perfect Family. A Perfect Lover. A Dream Come True. But there is always something's missing... And the other one is... A Ce…
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Cast Out By The Billionaire

They grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into a dark room that reeks of urine and cigarettes. Undeniably, the pains were suffocating. When she stared at his dark eyes, the only thing she saw was darkness.  “Let go, let go of me, you bastard!” She shouted out. That only made his mighty five fingers appear on her face. Which sent her head spin…
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Her Christmas Wolf

It all started with two paper Christmas angels and the Company’s Christmas tree… These were Siel Camden’s only hope for her three-year-old twins to have a happy holiday. But when all her dreams fall apart because of a dreadful boss and an abusive ex-husband, someone else finds those paper angels and makes her children’s wishes come true. But is sh…
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Those Who Divide Us

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN ~Rhiannon~ "His gone" No, no he could not be, he is alive, he'll come back, he always does. He said he will, he will. He always comes back. "My Queen, please, say something." My love, My king, My life. Gone "The king is no more." There was nothing to say. ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ It's been 300 y…
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Desire Calls

Cleo is an overworked, unappreciated IT staff who is counting down the days until she can leave her current job for a new and better city before her life catches up to her. With an ace up her sleeve to ruin the corporation as she makes her departure. Mateo is a successful businessman who bought a corporation that has been in maternal family for g…
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The Billionaire Prick

Bernard Tech has recently started experiencing some financial issues after a model they were building for a company encountered an issue. Donald and Patricia Lorenzo worry for their son, Dimitri because of his wayward ways after his brother's death and the breakup with his fiancee. Kingsley Bernard decided to seek help from his childhood friend,…
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Were It So Easy

A collection of unfortunate love stories that eventually lead to THE ONE.
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Protecting What’s His

You, as the reader are placed in the shoes of 21 year old Lisa Crawford, a recent graduate from Liberty University, with a degree in Education and Public Health. In this interactive novel, lead Lisa to her happily ever after with a successful career in place. At the end of each chapter there will be a series of different decisions that will lead…
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Silent Domination

All I wanted was to meet the right man to dominate me. A man who didn't have any intention of further commitment outside of the BDSM club. Someone who didn't require me to speak. And he found me. He saw the SOS of my fist near my shoulder. It was the only sign I knew and all I could manage to do when a bout of mutism took over due to a terrifying…
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Brewing Love's Blend

In the bustling streets of Manila, Charles Claudius, a devoted big brother and breadwinner, finds his world turned upside down when he loses his job as a talented barista in a cozy café. Desperate to provide for his family, Charles's fate takes an unexpected turn when he catches the attention of a wealthy but frail German young lady named Amelia.…
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Dottie, Dear

Dorothea Lux Creighton had always been…unique, even as a child. She’s able to receive and relay messages by spirits. As one would expect, she experiences twice the stress of a normal human. Over the years, she’s come to understand her gift and the universe, but as she enters a new town in Nevada, she’s met with the most persistent of “guests” one …
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Triple Trouble

Title: Triple Trouble Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Love In Trouble Summary: In the bustling tapestry of life, "Triple Trouble" unravels an intricate tale where the threads of fate weave a complex web of identity, connection, and love. Set against the backdrop of a city of Serendipity Bay, where dreams and destiny intertwine, three men—each sh…
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Mister Billionaire's Sunshine

Lirah Sarmiento, a haciendera and obedient daughter. She had nothing else to do but follow her parents' and siblings' orders just to earn their desired love. Even if it meant marrying a man she didn't know just to save their company. Matias Gomez, was the eldest son of the Gomezes. A billionaire who failed in love. He grew up resenting his parent…
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Rose thought love was supposed to be a haven where one lets go of his/her inhibition and is accepted for who they are. She thought love was sweet and nice and full of passion. She thought love was about sacrifices and giving your all for the peace and comfort of the other person. So she didn't understand what she did wrong, where she went wrong, …
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The Headmaster's Flame

A virgin schoolgirl is about to have a rude awakening when the boisterous alpha Headmaster, Mr Neill, arrives from London to revamp the downtrodden Thornwood High School. Winning over the hearts of pupils and staff with his comic antics, swearing and smoking, he becomes unlikely comrades with the intelligent but miserable loner Natalia, who begin…
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New Year's Heart

A curse, a lover, a race against time, years that come and go. Charlotte must break her curse and the only way is to have someone to confess true love to her, but Andre is reluctant at first to confess his love for her. Can he do it before midnight? Can he tell her the words she's been longing to hear to set her free?
Kurzgeschichte 2.0k Abrufe 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

24 Hours to Midnight – winning her back

A short story about second chances, going back to win back what was lost. A story about a love not destroyed by time and separation. Alex realized he had made a mistake when he left his love behind in pursuit of his dreams. Now fully accomplished and successful, he realized his life was empty without her in it, and she was the real gold, not the…
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The Mysterious Knight and The Caged Bird

For Elizabeth, life as a divorcee is not going as expected. Well, in fact, she didn’t expect it at all. She feels like she was born in a different time, and thus she’s sort of a renaissance fair nerd. Shamelessly, she pines away over her ex-husband David, hoping that he’ll come back to her and their son Rob. In fact, the only constant in Eliz…
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