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Life of a man that has a lot of strenght

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte " " is a man that has build strenght passing the years, even though he is very strong, he tries to do right and don't have trouble with it.
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Tiny Doll-size Husband

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte My newlywed husband Dave Seville reduced into tiny doll-size because he has unknown disease miniature.
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My Befriend Hero

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Dave Seville is my befriend hero who has secrets power abilities to turning into a fifty-foot giant and reduce into six-inches miniaturization. Also he helps his normal-size forty years old African American novelist woman on her problems with family or against twin sister Donna attempts to expose his secret identity origin.
4 KAPITEL 3.5k Abrufe Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage