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chatting with tinder boys I was curious to know how their first dates were so then I decided to capture them in this book.
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The Kingdom of Sermattei and The Kingdom of Rotavele have both been prospering and its people are happy. The two Kingdoms were once rivals, fighting over land and political ideology. However, blood has not been shed since the Great Battle of the Eternal day, over 200 years ago. Both Kingdoms have been at a cease-fire ever since, yet a formal pea...
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Chef 3: Part 3- The Third One

The third installment in the Chef franchise. After the end, Chef must travel the world in order to save it from the forces of evil that plague our slowly dying planet. Chef has suffered major loss, and was ready to give up when the light shone upon the world once again, revealing to him the path to redemption.
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The Box

When a group of friends loses a person dear to each, a savior reaches out to them, withholding their fate, not knowing that her own destiny isn't a happily ever after.
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Anna the Human

The Puricans are a savage race whose main source of food are the humans but they are running out of supplies and so must attack their rival race the Redicans who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages. Buga, a young and most fearful Purican warrior in the midst of the war, finds himself caught in between two choices; his sec...
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Otheris and the Serpents of Qhudrus

Following the fall of the most guileful witch in all the lands, young Otheris sets out on a journey for a much bigger task: to bring the heads of the Serpents of Qhudrus, after the king made him an offer he could not refuse.
5 KAPITEL 5.7k Abrufe 20 3 Im Fortschritt

Hashim Khail and keeper of the Gates

In an attempt to please his father, Hashim Khail, a young prince finds himself in a dilemma after a great tragedy struck him. He wakes up in a foreign land, enslaved and at the mercy of a new king.
6 KAPITEL 6.2k Abrufe 32 4 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Aaricia and the Noland Army

An epic tale of adventure that features Aaricia; a young woman having being betrayed by a loved one, lost her family and her home, must find a way to raise an elite army to help reclaim all she’s lost. Bestowed with a remarkable gift to communicate with a rare kind of beast, and armed with a handful of mercenaries, she must rise to face the most...
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When Fear Is Not Afraid

Cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car chases.
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His Last Bow. By Arthur Conan Doyle

An Epilogue of Sherlock Holmes
1 Kapitel 978 Abrufe 2 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Silver Blaze. By Arthur Conan Doyle

Conan Doyle
1 Kapitel 1.1k Abrufe 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

A Medieval Romance. By Mark Twain

A medieval romance
5 KAPITEL 1.9k Abrufe 17 3 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit By Charles Dickens

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit is a novel by Charles Dickens, considered the last of his picaresque novels.
5 KAPITEL 6.3k Abrufe 13 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Little Dorrit By Charles Dickens

Little Dorrit is a novel by Charles Dickens, originally published in serial form between 1855 and 1857.
5 KAPITEL 5.6k Abrufe 9 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Dealings with the firm of Dombey and son : wholesale, retail, and for exportation. By Charles Dickens

Dealings with the firm of Dombey and son, wholesale, retail, and for exportation. by Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870
4 KAPITEL 5.4k Abrufe 4 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

David Copperfield By Charles Dickens

David Copperfield is the eighth novel by Charles Dickens.
41 KAPITEL 6.6k Abrufe 79 5 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Adventures of Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist; or, the Parish Boy's Progress is author Charles Dickens's second novel, and was ... Cover, first edition of serial, entitled "The Adventures of Oliver Twist" January 1846.
3 KAPITEL 6.6k Abrufe 3 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Sinbad the Sailor

Sinbad (or Sindbad) the Sailor is a fictional mariner and the hero of a story-cycle
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Behind the times. By Arthur Conan Doyle

Behind the Times may refer to: "Behind the Times"', a short story by Arthur Conan Doyle in the 1894
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The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Hound of the Baskervilles is the third of the crime novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes. Originally serialised in The Strand Magazine from August 1901 to April 1902, it is set largely on Dartmoor in Devon in England's West Country and tells the story of an attempted murder inspired by the legend o...
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Just survive

A young boy gets trapped on an island with only the death of his best friend to encourage him to go on and some furry Friends that depend on him.
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The path of the north

The Dorin's adventure and his own evolution
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Wasted Knights: Tales of a dark power

Our tale centers itself around a merry band of adventurers, just trying to make it in a world that seems turned upside down. First there are zombies, then cultists worshiping demon lords, and all sorts of merry mishaps. Join us, as we try and figure out just what the hell is going on in this place.
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Original Absence- of Mines and Minds

Cavern's were dug deep into the Gnosi mountains, after all the riches and spoils had been removed and the mines were closed. Only a cult of robed inquirer's venture into them. That is where their mystic order meets to discuss things better kept out of the eye of public, like the questions upon questions of questions which should, intrinsically e...
Kurzgeschichte 17.7k Abrufe 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

On the Makaloa Mat by Jack London

"Unlike the women of most warm races, those of Hawaii age well and nobly. With no pretence of make-up or cunning concealment of time's inroads, the woman who sat under the hau tree might have been permitted as much as fifty years by a judge competent anywhere over the world save in Hawaii. Yet her children and her grandchildren, and Roscoe Scand...
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The Red One by Jack London

The story is told from the perspective of a scientist called Bassett, who is on an expedition in the jungle of Guadalcanal to collect butterflies. The "Red One" of the title refers to a giant red sphere, of apparently extraterrestrial origin, that the headhunting natives worship as their god and to which they perform human sacrifices. Bassett be...
1 Kapitel 5.0k Abrufe 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Colony

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte In a vision of the bright future, EH1208 and EH1209 are humans new home. Samantha and her twin sister Rebecca Geon are university students who start facing problems with a rising group of Bionic in EH1208. While this, in EH1209, natural resources are becoming more and more scarce. Each planet's problems will affect them in many different ways....
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Rycon Building Group

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Rycon Building Group can help you to design the house according to your preference and choices
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