Icicle Child.

We enter the life of a private eye; the most disturbing murders that beckon his calling. David has to be careful not to mix up family life and work with this new killer scaring the streets; lucky for him, the people around him should keep him sane from the killer's insanely mind. The legacy will forever be sealed as greatness.
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Lady Luck

Inside this town of Forestberg, where nothing usually happens. This town is about to be turned upside down. Chris and his family will have to do everything in their power to survive.
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Frequent Bond.

A tale of half-brothers that embark on a journey through the boxing world, encountering two different types of people, a pair that will help them to better themselves and another pair that want their bond to break. Which pair will win? Who will have the last laugh? I guess you will have to see for yourself.
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Book I: The Essence of Your Love

The first book of the series: Between Sport and Love. Jasper Wright is the quarterback of his college football team. He is known for being direct and calculating, which works great for him on the field. But personally, his life is a puzzle. He has only the support and love of two close friends, parents who are too busy due to their work schedules…
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Haman - Rise and Fall

In the heart of the Persian Empire, in Susa, Haman, the powerful vizier, weaves a web of intrigue and strategies to consolidate his power. Confronted with political and cultural challenges, he struggles to maintain his position under the reign of Xerxes, while the fate of an empire unfolds around him.
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sinister mysteries - horrifying tales

There are lots of horror tales to scare you and have some fun with. I hope you're prepared to spend a few sleepless nights. Warning: Reading horror stories can cause addiction and an uncontrollable urge to consume more horror content, so read in moderation.
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The man with the hood

Vanessa has had an accident and remembers nothing. The only remnant of her past that remains with her are her strange dreams about a man in a hoodie. Who is this man? Why can't she remember anything? She will do anything to unravel these mysteries
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Coyote's Two Companions

Wanda and Ethan are a young couple who break up as they each pursue a new lover. Unbeknownst to them, it’s the same person. Colt, better known as Coyote, is forced into their love triangle. The only problem is, Colt is aromantic, asexual, and doesn’t know how to tell them. Now faced with the romantic advances of two ex-lovers who would spite each …
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Adventures Of Kittens And The Mountain Meadow

The adventures of kitten's in the mountain meadow where they meet the characters of the meadow and learn life lessons as they grow
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Bleeding Gold

Part of the Universe of Erydoria Landon Winters is an assassin, but when he gets hired as a bodyguard, his world flips out of control, can he manage to reign in control?
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Enjoy my husband

The story of wife who want to revenge her husband.
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Korean famous poem

The Best poet in korean history
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The Redemption Chronicles: Arthur's Last Stand

"The Redemption Chronicles: Arthur's Last Stand" explores the transformative journey of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw seeking redemption through loyalty, sacrifice, and the pursuit of justice. It delves into the enduring bonds of brotherhood, the consequences of betrayal, the guiding principles of personal code, and the lasting impact and legacy of one…
16 KAPITEL 8.0k Abrufe 12 7 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


Shadows of the Harvest Moon Part II (Gothic/horror)

This story is about a scary journey our characters take on Halloween night. In the second part of "Shadows of the Harvest Moon," things get darker. They uncover the truth about revived spirits and face the effects of curses. They also have to deal with moral problems because of supernatural forces they can't control. As the characters go deeper in…
5 KAPITEL 5.5k Abrufe 2 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


Shadows of the Harvest Moon Part I (Horror/Halloween)

This is a story about a group of people who accidentally discover a frightening secret on Halloween night. As they uncover the truth, they become involved in a realm where the distinction between the living and the dead is unclear. In the first part of "Shadows of the Harvest Moon," the main theme revolves around ancient spirits awakening and stra…
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The Double Life

It's good to live the rich life, but is that everything you need to manage a kingdom?
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The Mystery of the Key

Mysteries unravel in Alphina a well known country which turns out to be one of the greatest mysteries ever uncovered
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Best of Short story Complication

Find the best of my short story collection
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Funfair Murder

A murder in an amusement park... A murderous murderer... The partnership of two murderers... And a police officer thought to be a traitor... The characters, places and subject mentioned in the book are completely fictional and have no connection with real life. WARNING, CONTAINS MURACY!!!!!!
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Random beauties transformed and featured starting with myself. You'll be surprised and amazed at the playful transformations celebrating each woman’s beauty. To get the app name you need to have a paid membership.
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Visuelle Geschichte

The City of Valor: Ice Dragon

Avalon Kingsley was a young orphan girl of twenty, with a hidden dragon marking on her right arm when the royal king himself shows up in her village in search of anyone who bares the markings of a dragon and join the ranks of the dragon knighthood of Valerius. Avalon heard the stories a child of how the dragon knights work alongside dragons to kee…
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SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar

Part of the Universe of The SARTAM Universe Planet Cinthyatar, the world of inclusion. The Cinthyans, a race of half human/cyborg beings live in relative harmony while the world's young leaders keep the planet's true condition hidden from the unsuspecting cybernetic people: It was in big trouble due to fears of a returning threat that was assumed to be long gone for a couple of decades. Se…
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In Bed With The Demon Lord

Clara accidentally summons Dante, a demon, while practicing for a Latin quiz. Any sane person would want to get rid of him, but Clara has come to like him more than she'd like to admit. When Latin practice goes wrong, it can go oh-so-right! All Rights Reserved. This book has only been posted to Wattpad and Inkitt as a preview and to Fictionate, In…
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Chained Destiny

Kaitlyn sees her life turned upside down during a party, a child finds herself growing up in a gang and destiny does not work in her favor. A door opens during a fatal mistake, she ends up coming out years later and this life follows her, even to another country. Danger still awaits her, her new identity, her new life and her new friends will no…
53 KAPITEL 21.1k Abrufe 47 3 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Picture This

Picture This is a very involved interactive erotic tale that starts off with a girl in high school and can lead to several erotic scenes that will leave you wanting to picture that and everything else in this creative sexy adventure.
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The Magic Keeper: The Journey of the Adventurer Cat

Max, the Adventurer Cat, is a feline with black fur and amber eyes. Agile and energetic, he carries with him an aura of courage and wisdom. With his magical ability and fearless spirit, Max is a symbol of hope and courage. His story shows that, despite his size, he can overcome any obstacle and leave a mark in the fantastic world.
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A few poems I came up with.
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Two hearts in a mafia contract

Rebecca Stellar is a young orphan who found a happy home with her adoptive parents. However, when her father died, she agreed to an arranged marriage with a stranger in order to take over the family business and fulfill his legacy. Luciano Lombardo, on the other hand, is the heir to a mafia family, with a dark past and secrets that haunt him. Th…
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