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I listened to my heart instead,

My brain cried out to me, Why not lend me an ear?

Why not listen to the discernment in what I tell you?

But no, You listened to your heart.

People listen to their hearts and it works out for them,

But mine doesn't get the job.

“Turn off the lights”, I said to myself, Let's start this all over again.

And when I turned on the lights, All I could see were his eyes, Burning with passion, filled with lust, filled with guilt.

You want me, And I want you too, So why are you pretending like it means nothing to you?

Come, come closer, feel my heartbeat. Bring your lips closer and let’s have a kiss.

I can tell that this is not a trance, But two hearts reconnecting, Oh wow! We finally reconnected.

But there you go again! Back to your usual persona, Did any of these mean anything to you?

You have broken me again, I'll just take a nap then, I closed my teary eyes, Let me sleep and forget about you.

I was deep asleep, when my brain whispered to me “oops, you listened to your heart again”.

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All Night

All Night,

I stayed back in bed,

I fought with my thoughts,

Thinking you were the one,

But it hurts me deep down,

To know, You'll go, You leave,

You were never created for me.

But it hurts inside, Inside ...

But I'll do this all night,

All night, I fought with my dreams,

But I'm tired of sleeping,

so wake me,

Bring me to morning,

I'm tired of dreaming,

I'm tired of sleeping,

Please wake me,

Bring me to morning,

I'm tired of dreaming,

Cause to me, You don't exist.

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True Love

How I wish I could go back,

To the moments we shared,

During the times we were together,

You would laugh at my name,

And I would blush at your compliments.

But just like a flicker,

You faded away,

The love you had for me faded with you,

You even forgot my name,

The memories you forget are the same.

Why do the ones we love most never stay?


Am I the only one who feels this way?

Your name lives rent-free in my head,

Your sweet words I will never forget,

The kisses are still fresh like yesterday,

The hugs are like a pain reliever.

But where are you now?

Where did you go?

Is it somewhere you are loved?

Are you pampered there?

One thing is sure,

No matter where you are,

Or where you go,

I'll be waiting for you to come back,

Like a mother who awaits her daughter,

I wait patiently, day after day,

Night after Night,

Week after week,

For my true love to come back to me.

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Lonely Soul

What is this feeling?

What is this sentiment?

Is it loneliness?

There is this emptiness inside,

What could it be?

Where did all my exuberance go?

Where did all my energy go?

I was once a good socialite,

Why don't I talk anymore?

I try over and over again,

But this emptiness is never filled,

When all is said,

What then is left?

An introverted, Lonely soul

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