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m1ssgrenzu Megan T Hello, im Megan. This is how I got my inspiration, my ideas, and, of course, inkspired! Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask! Crossed out followers of the month: Shaun Waller Michael Nichols Kinga
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I Won't Be Here For 10 Days

Okay so starting on July 13, I won't be here. And ill be gone for 10 days after that. 10 days, 9 nights. And the reason behind that is that I'm going camping. Yeah, for that long. But after that ill be back to check everything on Inkspired again. This is important, because many of you will not know that I indeed am going away for this long, and may count on me to continue creating new chapters in books, making new books, etc. So I politely ask that you don't forget this and even tell someone because I don't want a riot when I get back. I won't be creating a new post on this until after my camping trip. That was just an announcement. So July 13 to July 23.

However, it might be raining the whole week, including those extra three days. So maybe less days, or maybe later in the month. But currently, all we have ahead is our trip. Just letting everyone know. Anywho, ill see you guys after, unless we dont go next week. Bye everybody!

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Happy 4th Of July!

Happy 4th, everyone! I thought today would be a great day to pick the Follower of the Month. And drum roll please...

Kinga won with the book "Road To Fame".

It truly was wonderful. So very realistic, just, amazing. I can express myself more. You must've worked really hard on it, I can tell. It was a wonderful chapter, maybe later ill read the rest. But anyways, after that little celebration, comes another. Its the Fourth of July, the United States national holiday nationwide. Today should be a day to enjoy yourselves. I'm still trying to think of what I can do to make this day better, but I can't think anything. Today guys, is a day I have nothing else to say. Happy 4th!

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This Announcement Is Insane

Incredibly, because of everybody's help, Knock Knock is #2 in horror and monster literature! I really do not know how to express my excitement, and happiness. It is unreal how much views, how much followers, how much likes, getting featured on the featured stories, and even get #2 in those two things for Knock Knock. I really can't think of a way to express myself more...

My book has become a success online. I do not know if I can do it in real life, but at lesst, ill have something for everyone to read on the internet and on this app. I don't actually know how many people are on Inkspired, probably 300K? I don't know, its just a guess. But wow...just wow...everyone is amazing. This is my greatest accomplishment in life so far. This is all I wanted to ask from you guys. Now that my goal is complete, to become a successful story writer on Inkspired, I will not often ask people to read my book. I did not stutter, I said I won't ask you again to read it. You can read it, but, this time, you won't be asked to do so.

Its that time of month again! I will choose a book soon, today, tomorrow, or on Wednsday. I have many new followers who actually do have books now, and don't worry, I haven't rushed ahead and look at anything. And then again, as a reminder, I won't be picking the same person at least until three months later. I'm specifically talking about the original winners (Shaun Waller and Michael Nichols). Anywho, that was just a reminder. And remember when I said its that time of month again? Well, yes, it is. Wanna know why? Ill have something to say to jog your memory.

Happy Fourth of July!

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Follower Of The Month

I know your excited to see the follower of the month. And sometimes if I can't decide, I will pick two followers. Anywho, I chose two of my favorite books from one of my or the books followers. They were great, and everyone else's was, too, and so I couldn't decide. But it eventually came down to two followers, and drumroll, please....

Michael Nichols with Blade vs Blade.

And Shaun Waller with Icicle Child.

Both were truly amazing books, with discription that stunned me. I honestly really just couldn't decide between the two books, they were both equally incredible. I am fascinated by everyone's work, and I will be doing this next month as well, so don't worry! July is very soon.

Anywho, again, Knock Knock 2s first chapter is out, feel free to check it out. And I am working with Happy Face, one of my followers, to help her create a book. I will not choose that book next month, because it is basically breaking the 'rules' that I have in place for Follower(s) of the Month. I will allow other books from her that she only has worked on, that I have never touched. She is a great writer, as well. And by the way, I will not pick the same follower again until at least after 3 months, and then I can pick them again. Congratulations, Shaun Waller and Michael Nichols!

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