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Feel like needing a Time machine

Have you ever feel like you need a time machine. Either for your own life or after you read something. I have for both. This time around it had to do with the reading.

Mark 1:23-27 (KJV), Talks about a man who have an unclean spirit and that spirit has cried out. Those spirits had actually asked Jesus questions and then called him the Holy One of God. Jesus did rebuked those spirits. Where everyone that was around saw it and then questioned who Jesus was because the unclean spirits has obeyed him.

After reading this I wanted to build a time machine. I wanted to go back and slap those people upside the head. The unclean spirits this man had already mentioned who Jesus was truly was, but the crowed wasnt listening to those bad spirits. If they was listening to thise spirits they would know who Jesus truly was.

I did a short description to those verses without typing out the whole verses. Do you feel like needing a time machine like I did after I got finished reading. If so join the club because I am already there.

Thank you!


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