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Scenic wonder

every since I was just a small little girl, I have always had such a great love for the scenery around the world, I always found peace and comfort in seeing a beautiful sunset over open water , or a beautiful field so bright and green sitting in front of a mountain range on a sunny day with a bright blue sky. so I decided to create a organization in which I could share my love for the scenic view In life and I called it "scenic linkz " , im hoping that this will become so much more than it is right now, and that other people will enjoy bringing forth their own stories of scenic wonder to share with the world.

so far we are the proud owners of a series of websites in which we manage regularly and are based around a variety of topics from scenery, to administrative assistance, poetry, and so much more. we are also managing our very own social media platforms using tik tok, snapchar, Facebook and more, and we are proudly starting out our newest project and launching our very first e-commerce store in partnership with our wholesale friends like Amazon, aliexpress, slibaba. and so many more by dropshipping their products. we also work with brands like redbubble, and printful; placing our Photography onto their products and then selling them in our e-commerce stores for all of you as well.

we appreciate everything g that you all have done to help us get to where we are today we could never have done it without the support of our fans and followers. again thank you all so very much for all of your support.

Melissa kinslow,

scenic linkz owner

5. Dezember 2021 04:34 0 Bericht Einbetten 0

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