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Evil Born Of Men

The Evil Born Of Men

Our whole existance, has been a struggle to improve,to evolve,to learn,Each new era threw up discoveries that were mainly beneficial to mankind.Making life healthier,more hygienic,or simply improving I've quality itsself

The benefits speak for themselves,Medicine,Technology,Transport, all areas of life,,Positive progress..

Yet for every good advancement,some have sought to "pervert" disoveries,either for military,financial,or personal glorification

,Such actions serve only to explore the darker psyche of human nature,Many would ask,quite justifiably,why use great discoveries to negative ends,The answer is simple..Mindset,

Because nations have always tried to have an upper hand,militarily,the mindset continues to this day,They work within the framework of what has always been,the "tried & tested " theories of the past.This in turn leads to arms races,bigger missiles,faster more powerful Jet fighters,The main beneficiaries being the military industrial complex in many countries..

Its an accepted way of life,& a very lucrative one for the industrial ordinance industry..This again is nothing new,and accepted,Its common practice historicalyl..,One financier The Rothschild's,were alledged to have financed BOTH sides at the Battle Of Waterloo,Little has changed,except the weapons have become globally destructive,in a way unimaginable,around the Napoleonic era..

Most countries have their own suppliers,Some import from America,Russia,China or France.It may come as a surprise,to know that Switzerland,that great "Bastion" of peace,is also one of the worlds biggest firearms suppliers..Do I hear the call of "hypocacy" out there?🙂But its business,a national business,so accepted practice..Morality really dozen't come into the equation..

The military-industrial complex in most countries have longheld center stage in both the direction & attitide the country takes,its vast,rich beyond imagination,& very very powerful..Ot lobbies discreetly,it buys politicians,simply because there is so much money at stake..To the "bought" politician,the money they "receive" may seem "big" to them,it probably is..
But to companies with contracts worth tens of "Billions" its a "drop of water" in the ocean.This is entrenched systematic & pervasive, "psudo-ɲormality of their "normal" So much so,its mostly accepted
with resignation,by many in Government,Its they who along with some other huge conglomerates,actually CONTROL things,manipulating markets,sometimes even shortages,to hike up prices,with the intention of blaming outside influence,which in turn makes people unsure & feeling "threatened" Leading of course to..More big defense contracts,to counter the fake threat,Created by the Military Industrial complex in the 1st place,with this result in mind,& so far,its worked everytime! Afterall..Why change somthing that has always worked..

Starting & Fermenting Conflicts

On occasion conflicts have been "chaperoned" anger stoked up & tensions inflamed,by outside forces,with a hidden agenda of arms supply,Some even offered "credit" payment in leiu of victory,Our world can be a cruel heartless place,Terms like "collateral damage,semantics for killing civilians,have become part of both Govt speak, and Military Industrial jargon..This is why,when I see people get "offended" over practically nothing,It angers me,Because these people have absolutely no idea how the real world works,

A great example being some time I spent in a North African country,

There was insurrection in the south,mainly caused by the "Polizario" a militant militia,still in Mali..

A Swedish Humanitarian group arrived,(Doctors,nurses,exc,) Well intentioned..They took one look at the starving locals & said,"We must give them food & Money! A US Officer,tried to make them understand.."If you give money,..After we all go,the "Polizario" will come,take the money, & use it to buy guns! The people & kids will still starve to death,The Polizarios attitude is this,They can always have more kids! People are just a "unit" to them,they don't look on individuals or personality,The Swedes were appalled at our warnings,,So they gave..

A week after we all left,The Polizario came along,shot everyone.took the money & food..Harsh reality in the raw..

Some examples,by the time,anything,of any kind,is released to the public,the military in any country,have had it,for at least ten years,the only reason it becomes available,being ,its militarily obsolete,in short,we "get it when its usless for Govt or military use.. Again unpalatable facts..But on the positive side,Its one of the reasons Japan prospered so much in the 1970's Everything came down directly to the people,because Japan,after WW2 had renounced violence,so her military needs were minimal.Other places..not so..

Many conspiracy theories abound,so we will stay with FACTS here..

Bio -Medicine has the great ability to move the whole human race forward,save lives,cure deformity,or genetically inherited diseases,Yet its used mainly to futher mans destruction,rather than the positive aspect..Nuclear power,used correctly,is the cheapest source of energy on the planet,solar apart,((which is slow,and low charging,) Yet nuclear power,is used to make "yellow cake" a byproduct,whose sole purpose,is to manufacture bombs,again the "accepted" conditioned rule of both the. past..& the present.."Let's get more powerful,than the other guy." But while some, like America,Russia,UK France ,China,have enough nuclear weapons to "blowup" the world,many times over..It only takes ONCE!..So why,you may ask,do they need more?They DON'T, But its the military-industrial industry "pushing" for more business & profit.Lobbying for it..which in turn increases the nuclear stockpile..Bio-chemical weapons,regardless of denial,are still being manufactured..They are "developed" the research & results kept,But in truth,can be easily stockpiled en masse if needed.Never mind "Conventions" on such matters,these bodies lack any real power or "Teeth" to enforce anything! Its the PR morality,the public caring face.But the big powers do as they please always.

In the case of pharmaceutical companies,they are a BUSINESS! Not there to cure you,but to "partially" cure you! A "whole" cure would be "bad business" & cut profits..They are not stupid..its money & even more business, ..So they won't! Many of these have assets & turnover bigger than many countries,Thats how lucrative & profitable these business is.Remember,with global medicine,you have a "built in" market..And no small measure of control..

How It Is

The vast population of the earth,has made humanity the biggest "commodity" around,and as so,open to influence,brainwashing by osmosis,Manipulation,by anyone in a position or degree of power.Subliminal advertising still exists,yet in an even more "hidden" form! Why did you buy that product? ? You will stay,free choice,but it wasn't! The seed was planted in your mind,to do it..!Organic products have also be come huge business,but have you noticed..they are 3 times as expensive? Why? Not because they cost more to grow,but mind conditioning,has created the acceptance of extra cost for these products,Final thought,Many of us grew up eating "organic" (natural) food..Who made it "un-natural???Big Business of course!


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