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dariabeloyvan1619458080 Daria Beloyvan Style is the best visual form of communication, knowing how to use which, we can tell more about ourselves to others. Every person needs this tool of self-expression.
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Daria Beloyvan: The right to happiness, free choice and your own style

Style is the best visual form of communication, knowing how to use which, we can tell more about ourselves to others. Every person needs this tool of self-expression.

The fashion industry is a unique platform that brings together bright and talented people under its wing, regardless of their nationality, religion, gender and sexual orientation. In the fashion world, gender lines are practically blurred. I must say that designers have been actively playing dress-up games for the past 40 years. They dress guys in lace, blouses with bows and frills, and girls in masculine costumes and broad-shouldered jackets and coats. Demonstrating that gender no longer determines appearance, fashion brands are increasingly combining men's and women's collections with unisex models.

“Fashion is neutral territory. With the vast array of amazing design things the industry has to offer, no one should limit themselves to clothing because of society's imposed strict gender boundaries. The task of stylists is to help all people with the help of clothes to find themselves, their image and style ”, - the famous fashion stylist and fashion expert Daria Beloyvan shares her opinion in a conversation with Psychologies.

Daria is one of those caring and progressive top stylists who promote clothes “out of gender” and actively help transform people whose gender identity did not match the one assigned at birth. She was born in Moscow. She began her career in the fashion industry as a professional model. The rise of his career came during the years of work in the famous Moscow Fashion House of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. There, under the guidance of a great designer, she was able to fully reveal her multifaceted talent, not only as a model, but also as a fashion stylist.

Daria was one of the top 20 best lingerie supermodels on the Russian catwalk, she was the queen of the Wild Orchid company, she opened all brand shows, including the Wild Orchid Grand Fashion Show. In 2016, Daria received a job offer and flew to Italy to work as a stylist. By this time, she had already independently stylized many shows, participated in collaborations with well-known world brands: Borsalino, Belstaff, Balmain, Zadig & Voltaire, Coach, Bally, was the personal stylist of famous people in Russian show business and Runet.

Today the Russian fashion expert is invited to major fashion events. As a guest of honor, she always takes places in the forefront of key international shows and Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, New York. She is invited to the expert jury of the leading industry competitions. Today Daria lives in the USA, leads online style marathons, writes fashion reviews for her online magazine, collaborates with renowned photographers, stylizes photography and brand shows. At fashion events and shows, Daria Beloyvan meets completely different people - from streetstyle participants to catwalk models and all those who prepare backstage shows. There are many representatives of the LGBT community among them and, unfortunately, not all of them can still feel free and openly express their feelings. Daria strives to support such people, help to be herself,

Daria Beloyvan: “I was born and raised in Russia. She lived in Italy for many years. And only when I was in the United States, I was able to see the manifestation of freedom in a full-scale perspective. I love America not only because it is a country of great opportunities, but also because of its boundless tolerance. There are a lot of representatives of sexual minorities in the creative environment in Miami, and the trend of transgender is very clear here. Here people are not afraid to be themselves, freely express their feelings, demonstrate their individuality. This is great, because everyone has the right to make their own choice in everything. "

Daria helps such people to open up in their individual image for free. She analyzes the existing wardrobe with them, gives her professional recommendations, makes a shopping route, selects certain images. She gives each of them the opportunity to become a happy person outside of gender. Thus, Daria has already helped more than one dozen people for free. “Fortunately, today you can clearly see the desire of fashion brands to be gender-neutral and create stylish clothes for a person, and not for a representative of a particular gender. Because the concept of style is associated with individuality and freedom of expression, and not with a tick in the “gender” column, ”international stylist Daria Beloyvan sums up our conversation.

Today, the most tolerant attitude towards representatives of the LGBT community is observed in the United States, the Netherlands and France. More and more people are beginning to understand that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, has the right to happiness and a quality life without fear and embarrassment. A huge army of specialists is working to help these people adapt to life, find themselves, their vocation, and friends. And these are not only employees of social and psychological services. By her example, Daria Beloyvan proved that fashion stylists can also help people with non-traditional orientation - each of them can make others happy.

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